• Micro DC Aircon-Cool
  • Micro DC Aircon-Cool
  • Micro DC Aircon-Cool
  • Micro DC Aircon-Cool
  • Micro DC Aircon-Cool
  • Micro DC Aircon-Cool
  • Micro DC Aircon-Cool
  • Micro DC Aircon-Cool

2.8cc Twin Cylinder Micro DC Aircon

Equipped with twin cylinder miniature compressor and innovative small footprint design.

  • 24V DC
  • R134a/R290 Refrigerant
  • Brushless Motor Drive
  • Small in size, yet large in power density
  • 2,000~4,500 rpm variable speeds drive board
  • Strong power and low working noise


RIGID: Your Premier RIGID High Power Micro DC Aircon Supplier

RIGID Micro DC Aircon is a compact solution for small & confined space cooling, such as cabins, cuddy cabins and electric vehicles etc.

The Small DC air conditioner module runs off 24V, easily connecting to challenging confined spaces and extreme hot ambient!

Our portable air conditioner module is a sub-system perfect match for the customer’s slight space cooling powered by battery, grid, car power and solar power.


Similar to the traditional air conditioner, this type of dc air conditioner is available as an outdoor or indoor unit because of its lightest weight and smallest size.

RIGID Micro Refrigeration Cooling System includes a twin cylinder miniature BLDC compressor, driver board, condenser, evaporator, capillary, and other refrigeration parts. All these cooling parts are well integrated into one unit. It meets the customer’s specific demands where weight and space are critical.

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Technical Data

2.8cc micro DC aircon specification

2.8cc Micro DC aircon

Liquid Chiller Application

DC Micro Air Conditoner Model

Micro DC Aircon-Cool
R134a 2.8cc Twin Cylinder Mini Compressor Micro DC Aircon

Model: DV2820E-AC

  • Voltage: 24V DC
  • Cooling Capacity: 490W (1670Btu)
  • Refrigerant: R290
  • Net Weight:9.92lbs/4.5 Kgs
  • Working current:1~8.3A(Max 12A)
  • Size: 350*260*185mm (13.7*10.2*7.2 inch)
R290 2.8cc Twin Cylinder Mini Compressor Micro DC Aircon

Model: DV2820E-AC-T

  • Voltage: 24V DC
  • Cooling Capacity: 500W-700W (2387Btu)
  • Refrigerant: R290
  • Net Weight:12lbs/5.3 Kgs
  • Working current: 1~8.3A(Max 12A)
  • Size: 350*260*185mm (13.7*10.2*7.2 inch)
Micro DC Aircon-Cool


High Capacity
High Capacity
High efficiency
High Efficiency
High Reliability
compact size
Miniature Size
Low Weight
Low Weight
Low noise
Low noise

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1. Does this micro air conditioner unit run inside the space or does it need to be vented to outside of the cabinet?

There must be a heat emission hole in your system, you can use flexible tubes to connect the air conditioner unit.

2. How to connect the wiring diagram of RIGID mini cooling system?

All wires are ready before shipping. Users only need to do 3 steps:
1. Connect to the DC power supply
2. The drive board connects to the compressor
3. Connect to your system’s on&off switch

3. How does one recharge/refill the refrigerant?

All RIGID Aircon units are fully charged with oil and refrigerant before shipping. Users needn’t charge refrigerant. Afterwards, If you need to refill the compressor with refrigerant for maintenance, there’s one valve for a refrigerant refill.

4. Does your company make a controller device for the unit or do I need to wire up my own switches?

RIGID dc aircon module is a sub-system, without an On & Off switch, need to wire up your own switch. DC Aircon unit is filled with refrigerant and oil before shipping.

5. What’s the airflow of micro dc aircon unit?

The airflow is 28.4CFM.

6. How to deal with condensate water?

There is a drain for condensate water. You can collect the condensed water via a tube to a condensed collection tank (If you want to use the condensed water).

7. The compressor is clicking on/off and does not get any colder than the ambient temperature?

1. Check if all wires are connected correctly.

2. Check DC power battery is fully engaged or not.

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