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  • Project:  Race Driver Body Cooling
  • Cooling Approach: Water Cool (Distilled Water + Glycol)
  • Demand: An American client is acquiring an AlphaCooler for their race car. They are seeking information on RIGID’s U.S. distributor, available discounts, and replacement parts. Following a meticulous comparison of various racing coolers in the market, the client has singled out AlphaCooler, recognizing its specialized design for racing, and conducting a thorough assessment of its performance, power, and weight attributes.
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  • Why do racers need the Alphacooler System to cool down?
  • How does a racer cool down when it’s 60 degrees inside?

In the realm of motorsports, the absence of air conditioning in race cars is a deliberate choice made to shed excess weight, a critical factor for optimizing power and maintaining efficient heat dissipation during races. This weight-saving measure is especially prevalent, with only a select few high-level GT models retaining the option for a specialized race air conditioning system.

The consequence of this weight-conscious decision becomes apparent in summer races when temperatures inside the car soar well beyond 60 degrees Celsius. This extreme environment poses significant challenges for drivers, leading to potential issues like impaired judgment, dizziness, and increased susceptibility to panic. Such adverse effects can significantly impact the overall driving experience, even elevating the risks of fainting or, worse, a potential crash.

In response to these challenges, Carlson Technologies took a pioneering step in 1978 by developing an ice suit. This innovation drew inspiration from the liquid-cooled helmets used by fighter pilots. By incorporating this technology, the racing community experienced a notable improvement in mitigating heat-related issues, with a reported 40% to 60% reduction in the heating problem.

However, this early solution had its drawbacks. The working time of the system was directly tied to the size of the incubator, with extended insulation time achieved by using more ice. Yet, once the ice melted, the effectiveness of the system diminished considerably. Additionally, the weight of the system, determined by the size of the incubator, posed a counterintuitive challenge. As the ice clothing system added significant weight to the car, it contradicted the broader efforts to reduce the overall weight and burden on the vehicle.

Recognizing the limitations of existing solutions, RIGID undertook a substantial three-year development process to introduce Alphacooler, a cutting-edge cold water system tailored specifically for racing conditions. Alphacooler successfully addressed the shortcomings of traditional ice suits by adopting a more advanced approach. Notably, it is smaller and lighter, weighing less than 6.8 kg. Instead of relying on traditional ice cooling methods, it employs a brushless DC inverter compressor, ensuring continuous and efficient refrigeration.

The Alphacooler system incorporates essential components such as a water tank and pump, offering the flexibility to use either pure water or biodegradable liquids, such as coolant. The ability to replace the coolant every three months enhances the system’s sustainability and adaptability. Furthermore, RIGID designed Alphacooler with a dedicated cooling suit, complete with a quick connector for simplified operation.

To enhance user convenience, the Alphacooler system is equipped with a remote control featuring a temperature controller. This feature enables drivers to adjust temperatures according to different weather conditions, ensuring optimal cooling for both the vehicle and the driver. By prioritizing heat dissipation, Alphacooler aims to safeguard consistent and top-tier performance, allowing drivers to maintain heightened concentration, faster reactions, and an overall more stable and enjoyable racing experience.


Alphacooler body cooling
Alphacooler body cooling
Alphacooler for racing and motorcycle
Alphacooler for racing and motorcycle


A cool customer from the U.S. is eyeing an AlphaCooler for their race car. They’re on the hunt for a U.S. distributor, discounts, and info on replacement parts. After checking out all the racing coolers out there, they’ve got their heart set on RIGID’s AlphaCooler – designed for racing, of course!

They’ve even done a deep dive into the performance, power, and weight. Also, they’ve got a neat Backpack System that got a thumbs-up from the U.S. Army. The customer is hoping for a solid collaboration with RIGID in this cool field.


The Best Compact, Lightweight, and Rugged Water Cooling System for Racing and Motorsports.


  • 12V ~ 24V DC
  • R134a Refrigerant
  • Capacity: 100W ~ 500W
  • Touch Screen & Remote Controller
  • Cooling Temp: -5℃ ~ 20℃ (23℉ ~ 68℉)
  • Parts: x Power cord; 2 x Liquid pipe; 4 x Quick connector; 1 x Fuse.
  • Optional: Remote, Cooling Vest, Customer’s Logo, Custom-made.

Alphacooler Specification updated


Alphacooler for body cooling


RIGID’s Alphacooler stands as the premier technology in body cooling systems for racing drivers, boasting founder Hoo Pan‘s 20+ years of expertise. RIGID’s Alphacooler employs cutting-edge technology to enhance the racing experience for drivers.

The system utilizes a pioneering waterless ice coat chiller, eliminating the need for ice, water, or maintenance. The compact design, driven by a rotating micro-compressor, ensures continuous refrigeration, providing an extended cooling effect to keep drivers comfortable even in the heat of competition.

This innovative waterless ice coat chiller system offers a competitive edge with six key advantages:

  • Compact Design:
    The system’s compact design, just slightly larger than A4 paper, ensures minimal space occupation.
  • No Ice & Water:
    Alphacooler operates without the need for ice or water, contributing to a maintenance-free solution.
  • Continuous Refrigeration:
    A newly designed rotating micro-compressor delivers sustained cooling effects for optimal performance.
  • Low Power Consumption (<18AMPs):
    Ensures efficient cooling without imposing additional energy demands on the car.
  • High Stability:
    The two-cylinder compressor remains operational even in high temperatures of up to 60°C (140°F).
  • Portability:
    Featuring a DC inverter compressor, it accommodates 12V, 24V, and 48V, offering universal voltage compatibility and the option for battery-driven operation.

Alphacooler stands as the premier technology in body cooling systems for racing drivers, ensuring peak performance and a competitive edge on the track.


racing body cooling
racing body cooling


Custom and Design

At RIGID, we’re all about quick advancements in small cooling tech and top-notch customization. Our range of compact cooling systems and patented mini compressors fits any need.

Need something specific? Our friendly engineers are ready to craft, design, prototype, validate, and manufacture the perfect solution for you. Whether it’s new tech, product updates, or future projects, our team has you covered. Contact us today for a compact cooling solution tailored just for you!

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