Cooling Precision: RIGID Stirling Cryocooler – A Case Study in Laboratory Excellence

Cryocooler for high-quality measuring and analysis instruments for industrial and research applications

  • Project:  Laboratory Equipment Deep Refrigeration
  • Cooling Approach: FPSC Cryocooler (-90℃ ~ -150℃)
  • Demand: The Indian customer, had a specific need for their laboratory instruments, requiring a highly precise and programmable cooling solution. They were looking for a technology that could maintain temperatures within the range of 0 to -90°C. In response to this, RIGID provided the RS100 Stirling Cryocooler, a compact and portable solution with programmable temperature control capabilities. The collaboration aimed to address his requirements for precision and flexibility in cooling their laboratory equipment.
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The collaborative project between RIGID and the Indian Analytical Instrument manufacturer emerged for an advanced cooling solution tailored to their laboratory instruments. Facing the challenge of achieving enhanced temperature control precision within the critical range of 0 to -90°C, the client sought a cutting-edge technology solution.

In response, RIGID introduced the RS100 Stirling Cryocooler, a flagship product renowned for its unparalleled cooling capabilities and precision engineering. The RS100 model stands out for its ability to achieve temperatures as low as -140℃, setting new standards in laboratory cooling systems. The inclusion of an LED display further enhances its usability and monitoring capabilities.

This collaboration signifies a significant milestone in the integration of innovative technology into laboratory equipment. The Indian client’s specific needs for precision and flexibility found an ideal solution in RIGID’s RS100 Cryocooler. The RS100’s programmable features provide the client with the ability to set and maintain temperatures precisely, making it a perfect fit for their analytical instruments.

By choosing the RS100 model, the client not only addresses their immediate requirements but also embraces the advantages of a compact and portable design, robust construction, and comprehensive components included in the package. This project underscores RIGID’s commitment to providing state-of-the-art solutions, positioning the Cryocooler RS100 as a game-changer in the field of laboratory cooling technology.FPSC RS100 for Analytical Instrument

The Project

The Analytical Instrument manufacturer’s project with RIGID aimed to enhance their laboratory instruments’ cooling precision within the range of 0 to -90°C. Seeking an advanced solution, the client specified the need for a highly precise and programmable cooling system.

RIGID addressed this challenge with the introduction of the RS100 Stirling Cryocooler. The RS100 model surpassed expectations by offering the ability to achieve temperatures as low as -140°C, making it an ideal fit for the Indian client’s analytical instruments. Notably, the RS100 comes equipped with programmable features and an LED display, providing the flexibility and precision required by the client.

This successful collaboration represents a milestone in integrating innovative cooling technology into laboratory equipment, emphasizing the RS100’s advanced capabilities and RIGID’s commitment to delivering tailored solutions for precise temperature control in analytical applications.

Analysis instruments Deep Refrigeration


The Challenge

Precision and Flexibility in Cooling Solutions

The Indian company, known for pushing the boundaries of analytical instrumentation, approached RIGID with a specific requirement – the need for a highly precise and programmable cooling solution. The challenge was to enhance the temperature control capabilities within the range of 0 to -90°C for their laboratory equipment.

Analytical Instrument



Responding to The client’s requirements, RIGID introduced Stirling Cryocooler-RS100. This groundbreaking technology not only met the precision criteria but also offered programmability, allowing the client to set temperatures according to their specific analytical needs.

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  • Model: RS100
  • Input power: 24V DC
  • Working current: 6A
  • Noise: ≤48dB
  • External Size: 132×132x336mm(LxWxH)
  • Temp Range in Cold Fin (Cold part): -150℃~ 0℃

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Key Features:

  1. Temperature Range: The RS100 offers precise temperature control within a wide range, allowing users to achieve temperatures as low as -140°C, providing flexibility for various applications.
  2. Programmable Features: One of the standout features is its programmability, enabling users to set and maintain specific temperatures according to their analytical requirements. This feature enhances precision and adaptability.
  3. LED Display: The inclusion of an LED display enhances usability by providing real-time monitoring and control of temperature settings. This visual interface contributes to user-friendly operation.
  4. Compact Design: The RS100 is designed with compactness in mind, making it an ideal fit for applications where space efficiency is crucial. Its portability adds to its versatility in diverse laboratory settings.
  5. Robust Construction: Built with durability in mind, the RS100 features a robust construction, ensuring longevity and reliability in demanding laboratory environments.
  6. Comprehensive Package: The RS100 comes with a comprehensive package that includes all necessary components, simplifying the integration process and ensuring a seamless experience for users.
  7. Cryocooler Applications for high-quality measuring and analysis instruments


In a groundbreaking collaboration, RIGID has partnered with the Indian manufacturer, a global leader in analytical instruments, to provide an innovative cooling solution for their laboratory equipment. The Indian Analytical Instrument manufacturer’s specific need for precise and programmable temperature control within the range of 0 to -90°C led to the selection of RIGID’s flagship product, the RS100 Stirling Cryocooler. This cutting-edge technology not only met but exceeded expectations by achieving temperatures as low as -140°C, offering unmatched precision and adaptability. The RS100’s key features, including programmability, an LED display, compact design, and robust construction, showcased its versatility in diverse laboratory settings.

This collaboration signifies a significant milestone in integrating advanced cooling solutions into laboratory equipment, highlighting RIGID’s commitment to delivering state-of-the-art solutions. As RIGID welcomes more customers to explore their micro refrigeration solutions, the company reaffirms its position as a redeveloped technology leader dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions for various applications. For further inquiries, RIGID encourages customers to contact them for personalized and innovative micro refrigeration solutions.

Stay tuned for further case studies and success stories as we continue to revolutionize laboratory cooling solutions.


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