Compact Cooling Applications


Since 2010, RIGID Technology has provided various compact cooling systems for lots of applications. RIGID is a reliable partner and manufacturer that is behind many famous brands, as well as startups. We’ve helped our customers succeed time and time again by designing solutions that are optimal for their thermal management challenges. In terms of market advantage, we offer our customers a compact, efficient, and reliable cooling system to work with.

Here are some examples of how Rigid Cooling Systems has helped our clients succeed. Contact us now to learn how RIGID can benefit you in your application.


Medical Device
Medical Device


  • Skin and Laser Cooling
  • Cold Caps for Chemotherapy Patients
  • Miniature Cooling for Medical Aesthetics
  • Miniature Cooling in Laser Hair Removal Device


Lithium Battery
Lithium Battery


  • Electric Vehicle Fleets
  • Mobile Charging System
  • Lithium Battery Cooling
  • Battery Energy Storage Cooling


Drone Docking Station-RIGID
Drone Docking Station


  • Drone Docking Station
  • Outdoor Telecom Cabinet & Enclosures
  • Telecommunication & Electronic Cooling
  • RV, Motorhome, Truck,  Trailer, and Camping


Laser Cutting
Laser Cooling


  • Chip Cooling
  • Co2 Laser Cooling
  • Chillers for Co2 Laser
  • Water Chiller Spot Cooling


Wine Cooler
Wine Dispenser


  • Wine Dispenser & Cooler
  • Wine Cellar Cooling Unit
  • Beverage Refrigeration Unit
  • Fridge & Freezer Refrigeration Unit


Home Vertical Farming
Vertical Farming


  • Food & Vegetables
  • Vertical Farming
  • Hydroponic Farming
  • Indoor Vertical Farming


More Miniature Cooling Applications


RIGID is one HVAC company focused on vapor compression technology and compact cooling systems research and development. We work directly with customers to provide custom refrigeration solutions and meet their specific requirements. Our products are specially used for Micro DC AirconSmall Cooling SystemsDC Condensing Units, and other mobile and portable refrigeration equipment. → Case Study

Home Appliance
Wine Cooler
Electric Vehicle
Smart Farming
X-ray Machine
Telecom Station
Pets Cooling
Laboratory device
Laboratory equipment
Electronics Cooling
Cold Therapy
Medical Equipment
Electric Fleet
Life Sciences
Robotics Automation
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