Napa Revolutionizes Wine Cooling with RIGID’s Advanced Compressor Technology!

Wine Cooler

  • Project:  Beverage Cooling
  • Cooling Approach: Custom DC Condensing Unit (Refrigeration Unit)
  • Demand: NAPA Technology claims the top spot as North America’s leading Intelligent Beverage Dispensing System Manufacturer, in collaboration with RIGID’s advanced compressor technology. Since 2005, the client’s WineStation® has revolutionized wine service with precision and freshness. RIGID, a pioneer in miniature compressor innovation, directly partners with NAPA to elevate dispensing systems for wine, beer, and cold beverages.
  • Recommended product: DC Condensing Unit

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Established in 2005, NAPA Technology is a trailblazer in transforming beverage dispensing systems and has earned the prestigious title of North America’s leading Intelligent Beverage Dispensing System Manufacturer. The revolutionary WineStation®, introduced in 2005, epitomizes precision and freshness in pours.

NAPA’s unwavering commitment to innovation prompted a strategic partnership with RIGID, a pioneer in advanced compressor technology. This collaboration has seen the replacement of Peltier products with RIGID’s cutting-edge compressor technology, heralding a new era of reliability and performance in dispensing systems for wine, beer, and cold beverages.

NAPA’s dedication to simplicity, intelligence, and environmental consciousness is evident in its pursuit of compressor cooling system advancements. This strategic alliance with RIGID underscores NAPA’s commitment to redefining the landscape of beverage dispensing and elevating the standards in the retail and hospitality industry.

DC condensing unit

Drawing-DV1910 condensing unit



  • Power: 24V DC
  • Refrigerant: R134a
  • Nominal Capacity: 450W (1,535Btu)
  • Product: Custom DC Condensing Unit
  • Features: Ultra compact and lightweight. Allows manufacturers to use a refrigerant that directly cools the desired payload via a cold plate or evaporator.


NAPA wine refrigeration unit

In a groundbreaking move to enhance the wine cooling experience, Napa has partnered with RIGID to adopt advanced compressor technology for its red wine cabinets. This strategic decision comes after Napa Technology’s previous use of semiconductor cooling technology, which was found to have limitations in cooling capacity, high power consumption, and lower energy efficiency.

Recognizing the need for a more efficient and effective solution, Napa turned to RIGID, a leading company specializing in compressor technology. In collaboration, RIGID has customized a state-of-the-art BLDC compressor condensing unit specifically designed for NAPA’s red wine cabinets. This unit boasts a compact size and lightweight design, offering unparalleled performance compared to semiconductor alternatives.

The primary highlight of this collaboration is the remarkable improvement in energy efficiency. RIGID’s compressor technology provides three times the efficiency of semiconductor equipment, ensuring that the wine reaches the target temperature faster. This translates to significantly shorter waiting times for users, allowing them to savor the taste of their favorite wines without delay.


Custom Beverage Cooling Solutions


DX-cooling-components-working principle


Small HVAC Refrigeration Unit For Wine Cooling


Commenting on the partnership,  the CEO Jon of Napa expressed enthusiasm about the positive impact on their wine cabinets. “Our collaboration with RIGID represents a significant step forward in delivering an enhanced wine-cooling experience for our customers. The adoption of RIGID’s advanced compressor technology reflects our commitment to innovation and providing top-tier solutions for the retail and hospitality industry.”

RIGID’s CEO Mr. Hoo also shared insights into the collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with Napa Technology in revolutionizing the wine cooling landscape. Our customized BLDC compressor condensing unit brings together cutting-edge technology and energy efficiency, aligning seamlessly with Napa’s dedication to providing the best possible solutions for their customers.”

This strategic move not only signifies a technological advancement in wine cooling but also underlines Napa Technology’s commitment to staying ahead of the competition, making data-driven decisions, and thriving in the dynamic retail and hospitality industry.

About RIGID:

RIGID is a miniature refrigerated compressor innovation leader in China. We keep looking for novel solutions in compact and portable cooling systems. We capture new technologies in mobile and compact cooling systems!

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