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The Smallest Battery-Driven Portable Air Conditioner – 12V/24V/48V Available


RIGID HVAC company develops battery-friendly 12V DC Air Conditioner based miniature BLDC compressors and provides eco-friendly one-stop compact cooling solutions by combining research, analysis, design, and cost-effective procurement on the basis of accumulated know-how on R&D and Manufacturing. Request for custom-made, Click here.

In Mar 2018, battery-powered 12-volt air conditioners for vans and camping are starting to hit the market. The micro dc aircon series are designed for off-the-grid usage. Thanks to RIGID company’s tiny bldc rotary compressor, it enables the world’s smallest A/C to come true.

By using its miniature technology and patent drive board, those 12V A/C units can be 70% more efficient than traditional 120V A/C rooftop units and are, therefore, suited for camping and van life. In this article, we will tell you more applications of 12V air conditioning and define an electrical system that can support it and provide acceptable autonomy.

Keep cool and carry on!


1. DC 12V Air Conditioner for Van / Caravan / Camper Trailer



Summer camping and RV living can be a wonderful experience. The sun beats down constantly as we spend time outdoors with family and friends. Even on a shady site, the heat can be uncomfortable. Of course, we can choose to open the windows or turn on the fans in order to cool the RV.

These options can only take you so far, though. Because fans take up valuable property space, they just push hot air around and do nothing for humidity. Also, opening a door or window lets bugs in and even cold air escape.

A compact, portable, off-grid air conditioner may be your best bet. For the best cooling effect, you need an air conditioner that can run on a battery or DC power supply. RIGID 12V DC air conditioning unit solves the problem of how to cool your space without taking up floor space or letting bugs into the rig and is simple to operate.

If you’re looking for a portable dc air conditioner that uses a 12V power battery, you’ve come to the right place. → Micro DC Aircon


2. DC 12V Air Conditioner for Car / Electric Vehicle

Electric Vehicle


With the summer heat waves and small home air conditioning demands, portable 12V air conditioner units are becoming more and more popular. However, it is probable you could end up with an inferior air conditioner if you don’t carefully shop, or don’t fully understand how they work.

Here, we will guide you through choosing the best portable 12V air conditioner for any situation, whether you’re living out of your electric car or trying to cool down a small RV room. RIGID Micro DC Aircon is a dc compressor air conditioner unit, but what’s so special about that?

Well, in addition to its excellent energy efficiency rating, the 12V AC unit has a wide range of benefits, such as its comfortable and low noise operation, as well as its lightweight and durable construction. It can even save you money, as RIGID A/C units have charged with refrigerant before shipping.

There is no need for end users to charge any freon. Furthermore, the 12V air conditioner does not require the use of a soft start device, which can easily cost $300 or more! A soft start device is an often expensive tool that reduces the initial influx of power from your battery to the AC. When your battery turns on, connect a pair of hoses (optional part) to the cold air inlet and out.

That is it, simple! → Portable DC Air Conditioner


3. DC Air Conditioner for Drone Docking Station

Drone Docking Station-RIGID


Micro mobile air conditioning units developed by RIGID Technology have also been widely used to cool drone applications, specifically for air cooling of automatic drone/robot loading docking stations without human interaction.

It is well known that drone docking stations contain a large number of electronic components and heat generators, including a range of power supplies, motors, and modems. The drone generates heat during the autonomous charging process, resulting in high temperatures inside the chamber, leading to low drone charging efficiency.

High temperatures can also affect the efficiency of lithium-ion batteries. Based on this situation, RIGID Technology developed a microclimate air-cooled DC air conditioner. This air conditioner has both cooling and heating functions.

According to data, RIGID’s Micro DC Aircon is 75% lighter and 70% more efficient than a conventional steam recirculation system with the same cooling capacity. → Micro DC Aircon (Cooling & Heating)


4. Reviews from Customers on 12V DC Air Conditioner

12V DC Air Conditioning Units

12V DC Air Conditioning Units Reviews

*Maximum BTU ratings are shown. BTU ratings vary depending on voltage, installation, condenser options, and mode settings.

**Current ratings are nominal. Current ratings can fluctuate depending on accessories and or operating conditions.

***When you need maximum cooling with larger powers, Twin-cylinder compressor A/C units are the answer!


5. Summary 

In a word, the cooling cycle of the heat pump (air conditioner or refrigerator) remains the same whether it is 120V or 12V. The main difference in RIGID’s 12V air conditioner is that it uses an efficient DC inverter compressor that operates on 12V /24V /48V DC.

With a 120V air conditioner, the power from the battery bank has to be converted from DC power to 120V AC, and there is always about 10-15% energy loss during the conversion. That’s why the brushless direct current compressor is so efficient. For more COOL products,

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