Off-the-Grid Portable 12V DC Air Conditioner

12V Air conditioner for Trailer Camper

Get A Sample Online The Smallest Battery-Driven Portable Air Conditioner – 12V/24V/48V Available   RIGID HVAC company develops battery-friendly 12V DC Air Conditioner based miniature BLDC compressors and provides eco-friendly one-stop compact cooling solutions by combining research, analysis, design, and cost-effective procurement on the basis of accumulated know-how on R&D and Manufacturing. Request for custom-made, …

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Compact Liquid Chiller Module

Racing body cooling

RIGID Liquid Chiller module-The World’s Smallest Microclimate Cooling System If you want an effective, workable body cooling device. If you need a lightweight and small cooling system with the best cooling performance for continuous cooling. If you look for the best performance liquid chiller module that achieves a 12V liquid chiller module to suit a …

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