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Since 2010, RIGID has been crafting cutting-edge Compact Cooling and Cryocooler solutions for various industries. If our standard products don’t quite fit your needs, our skilled Sales and Engineering teams are ready to collaborate with you. They’ll create a customized solution tailored to your equipment or applications. With skilled technicians, comprehensive research and development, a specialized testing lab, and dedicated engineering teams, RIGID is well-equipped for advanced product development.


Case Study

Thermal Validation Cryocooler | Built-in Cooler | Petroleum Analyzer Cryocooler | Drone Battery Station | Athlete Cooling | Oil Analyzer | Race Driver ChillerElectric Vehicle Chiller | Diode Laser Hair Removal Device | Vertical Micro Farms | Food Delivery Box | Analytical Instruments | Cryopreservation: Laboratory Device | Beverage Wine Cooling | Propane R290 Heat Pump Project | Power Distribution Cabinet | Scalp Cap ChemoPowertrain System Battery Cooling | Medical Device Chiller | Electronics Chiller | Integrated Cooling for Medical Devices | Energy Storage System Cooling | Water Cooling System (Heat & Cool) | Analysis Device Cryocooler | Collect Water From Air | Beauty Machine Chiller

  • Thermal Validation System Cooling - Thermal Management - RIGID Stirling Cryocooler

Thermal Validation Equipment

Project: Thermal Validation System Cooling
Cooling Approach: Green Power –  Stirling Cryocooler
Demand: Kaye Advanced Sensors, an innovator in advanced sensing and embedded measurement solutions for regulatory and industry-driven applications, requires a reliable, noise-free cooling system. The system must cool from 25°C to -90°C in 90 minutes and heat to 140°C in 60 minutes, addressing issues with previous compressor systems that failed to achieve precise temperatures and had start-up and noise problems. They seek RIGID’s RS100 Stirling Cryocooler with a custom metal block for integration into their calibration tank system.
Recommended products: Cryocooler RS100

Portable Refrigerator Cooler

Project: Portable Cooler/Refrigerator
Cooling Approach: Compressor Direct Cooling
Demand: HomeValet requires a secure, temperature-controlled smart box for efficient home grocery deliveries. RIGID provides a compact, silent cooling module powered by a 110V outlet, ensuring efficient cooling for multiple temperature zones within the smart box. This solution enhances the HomeValet system’s capabilities, enabling it to maintain the freshness of frozen, refrigerated, and pantry items while withstanding outdoor conditions and offering seamless integration with delivery services like Walmart InHome.
Recommended products: Custom Cooling System (110V/60Hz)

  • HomeValet-Walmart SmartBox
  • The Advantages of Stirling Cryocoolers in Petroleum Analysis

Petroleum Analyzer Cryocooler

Project: Petroleum Analyzer
Cooling Approach: Free Piston Stirling Cooler
Demand: PAC, a leading manufacturer of lab and process analyzers, seeks cutting-edge technology for its latest product, an automated analyzer for cold filter plugging points of fuels. The analyzer requires precise temperature control using a Stirling Cryocooler from RIGID, ensuring accurate measurements for petroleum analysis according to industry standards. (-34C to -50C within 2 minutes and 30 seconds and maintain it for 20-30 minutes. Then dropped from -50C to -67C in 2 minutes and 30 seconds)
Recommended products: Stirling Cryocooler RS100

Drone Docking Station Cooling

  • Project:  Drone Station(battery) Cooling
  • Cooling Approach: Air-cooled
  • Demand: Hextronics, a leader in drone aerial autonomy, seeks advanced thermal solutions from RIGID for its battery stations. With deployments in hot environments like South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Israel, they require reliable cooling systems to ensure optimal drone performance and longevity in extreme conditions. The client desires a portable battery-driven micro DC aircon capable of maintaining a constant temperature of 20℃.
  • Recommended products: Micro DC Aircon
  • Drone Docking Station-RIGID
  • Athletes Palm Cooling device-RIGID HVAC

Athletes Body Cooling

  • Project:  Athletes Body(Palm) Cooling
  • Cooling Approach: Water-Cooled
  • Demand: The customer, Florence is seeking a manufacturer to collaborate on creating a handheld cooling device for athletes. Based on successful research indicating that cooling the palms during exercise enhances performance and recovery, Florence desires a portable device capable of maintaining a constant temperature of 10℃. She is open to brainstorming alternative solutions, including a docking device if necessary, and seeks assistance in addressing challenges such as temperature maintenance and user interface design.
  • Recommended products: AlphaCooler

Petroleum Automatic Express Analyzer

  • Project:  Petroleum Automatic Express Analyzer
  • Cooling Approach: Stirling Cryocooler (FPSC)
  • Demand: Greece’s leading company in environmental and technology fields, seeks an advanced cooling solution for their scientific instruments, including oil and petroleum analyzers. RIGID’s Stirling Cryocooler is the perfect fit, providing precise temperature control, reliability, compact design, and low maintenance. This collaboration promises to elevate the performance of the client’s instruments, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in their Analyzers and scientific instrument applications.
  • Recommended products: Stirling Cryocooler RS100 Plus
  • Oil Analysis Instruments
  • Driver Racing Chiller Cooler

Racing Driver Cooling

  • Project:  Racing Driver Body Cooling
  • Cooling Approach: Water-Cooled
  • Demand: Alain G. a Canadian passionate race car driver with his studio at SAR Rural Classics in Kimpton, seeks a customized racing driver cooling system from RIGID Technology. His specific requirements include a 12-volt racing driver cooling system with a maximum cooling capacity of 500W. The complete system, encompasses a compact chiller unit, a custom-fit liquid cooling T-shirt, extension tubing, and a power cord. The system should feature iceless cooling technology, continuous operation, compactness, and user-friendly controls.
  • Recommended products: AlphaCooler

Water-to-Water Electric Vehicle Chiller

  • Project:  Electric Vehicle Battery Cooling
  • Cooling Approach: Water to Water Cool
  • Demand: The American client is seeking a water-to-water liquid chiller system for cooling lithium batteries in electric vehicles. He requested a cooling up to 800 watts, and compatibility with a 48V DC power source. The system should effectively regulate temperatures on the condenser and evaporator sides, accommodating varying inlet temperatures. Additionally, the customer emphasizes the importance of energy efficiency, with a maximum power consumption of 400 watts, and quiet operation.
  • Recommended products: Customized Plate Liquid Chiller
  • Lithium Battery Cooling Chiller Systems-RIGID

Diode Laser Hair Removal Device

  • Project:  Diode Laser Hair Removal Device
  • Cooling Approach: Liquid Chiller (Distilled Water + Glycol)
  • Demand: A leading Korean beauty and medical company, seeks RIGID’s expertise for a custom Compact Liquid Chiller to optimize their cutting-edge medical laser machine. This Korean company is globally recognized for innovative technology and commitment to satisfying customer needs. The collaboration with RIGID aims to seamlessly integrate advanced cooling technology into their medical equipment, enhancing precision, and efficiency.
  • Recommended products: XB075Z-24

Vertical Micro Farms

  • Project:  Vertical Micro Farms
  • Cooling Approach: Coaxial Liquid Chiller
  • Demand: An American company seeks compact liquid chillers from RIGID to enhance its sustainable agriculture practices and innovative Micro-Farm™ technology. The demand emphasizes the need for efficient, reliable, and environmentally friendly cooling solutions. The client aims to simplify farming, reduce environmental impact, and make locally-grown produce accessible to all.
  • Recommended products: DV3220E-C
  • Micro Farms in Restaurant_RIGID HVAC
  • Refrigerated Food Carrier Box

Food Delivery Box

  • Project:  Food Delivery Carrier Box
  • Cooling Approach: Miniature Compressor Cooling System
  • Demand: René Wit, the Managing Director of H2XXX based in the Netherlands. Mr. Wit is in search of a compact cooling system tailored for urban e-bike food transporters. interesting in RIGID’s micro compressor systems, he has requested confirmation regarding the suitability of the DC condensing unit DV1920 (24V DC). Additionally, Mr. Wit has conveyed his desire to receive prototypes for testing purposes, specifically 2 or 3 sample units along with 3 sets of evaporators. Looking ahead, René Wit prefers completed refrigeration equipment, including both compressors and evaporators, from RIGID.
  • Recommended products: R290, 2.8cc mini compressor  QX2802VDL-T

Precision Cooling for Analytical Instruments

  • Project:  Laboratory Equipment Deep Refrigeration
  • Cooling Approach: FPSC Cryocooler (-90℃ ~ -150℃)
  • Demand: The Indian customer had a specific need for their laboratory instruments, requiring a highly precise and programmable cooling solution. They were looking for a technology that could maintain temperatures within the range of 0 to -90°C. RIGID provided the RS100 Stirling Cryocooler, a compact and portable solution with programmable temperature control capabilities. The collaboration aimed to address his requirements for precision and flexibility in cooling their laboratory equipment.
  • Recommended products: RS100
  • Cryocooler for high-quality measuring and analysis instruments for industrial and research applications
  • FPSC Cryocooler for Cryopreservation Equipment.png

Cryopreservation: Laboratory Device

  • Project:  Laboratory Device Cooling
  • Cooling Approach: Liquid Cooling
  • Demand: The Argentinian startup seeks RIGID’s Compact Liquid Chillers for lab device refrigeration, requiring precise cooling of a copper area at 10°C. The system employs two water jackets with a flow rate of 0.26 GMP, circulating at 1°C. The closed-loop, automotive-grade coolant system operates in a confined space, managing a heat output ranging from 216W to 256W.
  • Recommended products: DV2820E-P and DV3220E-P

Beverage Wine Cooling

  • Project:  Beverage Cooling
  • Cooling Approach: Custom DC Condensing Unit (Refrigeration Unit)
  • Demand: NAPA Technology claims the top spot as North America’s leading Intelligent Beverage Dispensing System Manufacturer, in collaboration with RIGID’s advanced compressor technology. Since 2005, the client’s WineStation® has revolutionized wine service with precision and freshness. RIGID, a pioneer in miniature compressor innovation, directly partners with NAPA to elevate dispensing systems for wine, beer, and cold beverages.
  • Recommended product: DC Condensing Unit
  • Wine Cooler
  • Propane R290 Compressors by RIGID HVAC Shaping the Future of Green Heating

Propane R290 Compressors for Heat Pump Project

  • Project:  LC150 Development of a Refrigerant-reduced Heat Pump with Propane
  • Cooling Approach: R290 Heat Pump Compressors
  • Demand: The LC150 project, led by Fraunhofer ISE, aims to revolutionize European heat pump technology. Supported by RIGID HVAC and a consortium of industry leaders, it focuses on developing a standardized refrigeration circuit, emphasizing sustainability with Propane R290 compressors. The project seeks to reduce costs, enhance efficiency, and accelerate the adoption of eco-friendly heating solutions.
  • Recommended product: R290 Compressors

Aircon Unit for Power Distribution Cabinet

  • Project: Power Distribution Box / Cabinet
  • Cooling Approach: Active Air Cooling
  • Demand: A company that specializes in outdoor distribution boxes in Saudi Arabia is looking for a battery-powered, variable-frequency direct current (DC) portable air conditioning unit. This micro DC aircon unit is intended to cool down the distribution box and maintain a temperature of around 20℃ degrees Celsius, even in high ambient temperatures reaching up to 60℃ degrees Celsius.
  • Recommended product: 2.8cc Twin Cylinder Micro DC Aircon
  • Micro DC Aircon for telecom outdoor cabinet-RIGID
  • 12V Water Chiller for High-power Powertrain System Cooling - RIGID

Powertrain System Battery Cooling

  • Project: Powertrain System Battery Cooling
  • Cooling Approach: 12V Water Chiller
  • Demand: A Hungary electric boat builder, seeks a 12V liquid cooling solution from Rigid for their high-power powertrain. Concerned about battery coolant temperature in varying climates, their 40L battery pack requires cooling and heating to maintain a 25°C temperature during discharge. The client finally chose RIGID’s 1,780W water chiller for his powertrain battery cooling.
  • Recommended product: 12V Water Chiller KVB150Z-12

Scalp Cap Chemotherapy

  • Project:  Chemotherapy for Cancer Patients
  • Cooling Approach: Liquid Cooling
  • Demand: Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy often fear the loss of hair, which affects their privacy. Cooler Heads and RIGID collaborate to address this concern by providing a portable, patient-administered scalp cooling solution. RIGID’s mini water chiller offers efficient and reliable cooling, empowering patients to preserve their hair and regain control over their treatment journey, fostering dignity and resilience.
  • Recommended products: DV1910E-P-S
  • Mini Water Chiller a cooling solution to Chemo
  • Medical hair removal equipment and instruments vector image

Medical Device Chiller

  • Project: Medical Laser Device Cooling
  • Cooling Approach: Recirculating water-cooled
  • Demand: A leading Indian medical equipment provider is seeking a micro water cooling system from RIGID for medical applications. Specializing in healthcare solutions, the supplier offers a range of products in radiology, cardiology, and other medical fields. RIGID, renowned for manufacturing miniature cooling systems for medical devices and Lab diagnostic systems, delivered a customized dual water chiller for the medical company’s laser machine. The solution exceeded performance expectations, demonstrating a successful collaboration to meet specific medical equipment requirements.
  • Recommended product: Custom Water Chiller DV1920E-C-D

Water Chiller for Electronics

  • Project: Develop a prototype and keep the electronics at a stable temperature.
  • Cooling Approach: Recirculating water-cooled
  • Demand: A Spanish company that specializes in electronics and medical devices is looking for a Recirculating Chiller that has a temperature controller. This small water chiller is intended to cool down 1 Liter of water of initial temperature 60℃ to 20 degrees Celsius in minutes.
  • Recommended product: Small Recirculating Chiller- QD25H110
  • Cooling Solutions for Electronics
  • medical lasers chiller

Integrated Cooling for Medical Devices

  • Project: Custom HVAC cooling system for aesthetics and medical lasers.
  • Cooling Approach: Recirculating water-cooled
  • Demand: An American company that specializes in the Aesthetic and medical laser market, is looking for a Direct Expansion System with a cooling power of ~900W for a new Medical Laser device. This small refrigeration system is integrated into a laser device intended to cool down the initial temperature 50℃ to 2 degrees Celsius in minutes.
  • Recommended product: Plate Liquid Chiller 

Energy Storage System Cooling

  • Project: Energy Storage Systems
  • Cooling Approach: Stirling Cryogenic
  • Demand: An American company needs to achieve ultra-low temperatures of -99℃ in their laboratory, mainly for the research and development of thermal energy storage systems. The company is a leader in the research and development of energy storage systems. Their battery experts provide boutique experiential test lab services and custom solutions to investors, startups, and established companies.
  • Recommended product: Stirling Cryocooler RS40 & RS100.
  • Deep low temperature on research and development on energy storage systems
  • compressor cooling system_RIGID HVAC

Water Cooling System (Heat & Cool)

  • Project: Water Cooling System (Heat & Cool)
  • Cooling Approach: Recirculated Water-cool
  • Demand:  The customer is seeking a compressor heat pump system for a small hot water heater and condenser. He needs a continuous supply of 500-700W worth of heat in the form of hot water at a temperature of at least 65C or hotter. The evaporator coils need to be made from stainless steel or other corrosion-resistant material.
  • Recommended product: Tailor-made compressor cooling system.

Analysis Device Cooled by Cryocooler

  • Project: Analysis Device Sample Cooling
  • Cooling Approach: Free Piston Stirling Cooler
  • Demand: A scientific lab in Australia is building a new analysis machine for tritium measurement in groundwater samples and is interested in using RIGID company Stirling coolers with KF flanges in their design. It would be used to attach the coolers to their water vapor trap apparatus, which is designed to remove water vapor from gas samples passing through a cold chamber at low pressure.
  • Recommended product: Stirling Cryocooler RS100-PLUS
  • Analysis Device Directly Cooled by Cryocooler - RIGID HVAC
  • Case Study-Collect water from air

Collect Water From Air

  • Project: To Collect Water from the Air
  • Cooling Approach: Compressor Condensing System
  • Demand: A Holland company specializing in providing drinking water solutions for challenging environments, seeks a cooling system for their technologies. The system should have a 450-500 W capacity at a 2°C evaporation temperature, preferably a 24V version. Its purpose is to condense 50 kg of steam at 30°C ambient temperature, with the desired outflowing water temperature as close to 30°C as possible.
  • Recommended product: Micro DC Aircon DV3220E-AC

Beauty Machine Chiller

  • Project: Medical Beauty Machine Laser Cooling
  • Cooling Approach: 24V Compact Chiller – Water Cooled
  • Demand: A Spanish company, is developing a new laser platform for medical and aesthetic treatments, focusing on hair removal. They are seeking a cooling system for critical components like the Laser diode and tip applicator. They plan to discuss custom quantities based on performance. Providing a diagram with two Peltier components, they aim for a target temperature of (0-3ºC) achievable within 5 minutes, considering an ambient temperature of 26-30ºC.
  • Recommended product: 24V Water Chiller XB075Z-24
  • Beauty Machine Laser Chiller Cooling Solution_RIGID HVAC

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