Message from Mr. Hoo Pan,
CEO of RIGID Technology.


RIGID has been established to manufacture and sell small and portable cooling systems.

Today’s Rigid is the miniature compressor innovation leader in China. We keep looking for novel solutions for a compact & portable cooling system.

Since it was founded in 2010, the innovative technology of RIGID has been admitted in both domestic and foreign countries regarding quality and technology, so the products are exported into the world such as the United States, Europe, Australia, and Japan to become pioneers of the small cooling industry.

Furthermore, we are putting all our efforts into satisfying customers’ specific needs with expertise technology in the small & mobile cooling market and proceeding with the work of R&D to develop innovative and creative products.

We, RIGID vision to set the benchmark for the micro cooling industry standard.

CEO - Mr. Hoo Pan


CEO, Hoo Pan.

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