How Cold Caps and Scalp Cooling Systems Work?

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Cold caps and scalp cooling systems work by reducing the temperature of the scalp during chemotherapy. The idea is that by lowering the temperature of the scalp, blood vessels in the area constrict, reducing the flow of blood and the amount of chemotherapy drugs that reach the hair follicles. This, in turn, may help to reduce hair loss during treatment. The cold cap is worn on the head and kept continuously chilled using a cooling system.

The cooling system typically consists of a refrigerant-based cooling unit or a liquid coolant-based system that is connected to the cap via a tube or hose. The cooling unit works by transferring heat from the cap to the unit, where it is then dissipated.

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What’s RIGID Cooling Unit of a Cold Cap Device?

The RIGID cooling unit of a cold cap device is a refrigeration system that is used to cool the cap to the desired temperature. The cooling unit is typically separated from the cap and connected to it via a tube or hose. It works by using refrigerant to transfer heat from the cap to the cooling unit, where it is then dissipated. The cooling unit is usually portable and can be moved from room to room, allowing the patient to continue wearing the cold cap even when they are away from the treatment area.


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RIGID Compact Liquid Chiller Provides Recycled Water Cool.

RIGID, being a trailblazer in micro refrigeration, has furthermore conceived a variety of liquid cooling chillers and modules utilizing its proprietary mini compressors to satisfy the demands of customers intending to integrate micro refrigeration modules and products into their equipment.

RIGID Compact Liquid Chillers primarily provide core cooling for applications that require portable and compact cooling functions. The compact chiller has 4 main components (Compressor, Condenser, Capillary or Expansion Valve, and Evaporator).

Meanwhile, RIGID Liquid Chiller contains a drive board for the convenience of clients who eventually wish to package and connect refrigeration circuits to their systems.


How RIGID Refrigeration Units Work For Cold Caps for Chemo?

RIGID CHILLER scalp cooling

RIGID small refrigeration unit adopts a miniature vapor dc compressor. The compact refrigeration module is widely applied to a cold cap for chemotherapy applications. It works by circulating a coolant through a cap that is placed on the patient’s head during chemotherapy treatment.

The cap is cooled to a very low temperature, typically between -15°C to -40°C, which reduces blood flow to the scalp and slows down the rate at which chemotherapy drugs reach the hair follicles. The cold cap is connected to a medical device through a hose or tubing. The medical machine pumps cold water through the tubing and into the cap. The cap is designed to circulate the cold water around the patient’s scalp, keeping it at a consistent temperature during chemotherapy treatment.

The cap is typically made of soft, stretchy material and is fitted snugly onto the patient’s head. As the cold water flows through the cap, it cools the scalp, which reduces blood flow to the hair follicles. This helps to minimize the amount of chemotherapy drugs that reach the hair follicles and reduce the risk of hair loss.

The temperature of the cold water is carefully monitored and adjusted throughout the treatment session to ensure that the patient is comfortable and that the cap is providing optimal cooling. The cap is worn throughout the chemotherapy treatment session and may need to be changed periodically to maintain the desired temperature.

I hope this description helps you understand the process of how cold water flows into the cold cap for cold therapy during chemotherapy.

RIGID HVAC-Compact Cooling Chillers for cold cap for chemo

The Battery-Friendly Refrigeration Units For Chemotherapy.

RIGID refrigeration unit works by compressing a refrigerant gas, such as R134a or R290, to high pressure and then circulating it through a condenser where the heat from the refrigerant is dissipated to the surrounding air. The refrigerant then flows through an expansion capillary, where it is allowed to expand rapidly, causing it to cool down significantly. The cooled refrigerant is then circulated through a cap that is placed on the patient’s head, where it absorbs heat from the scalp and warms up again, before returning to the compressor to repeat the cycle.

The small refrigeration unit is designed to maintain a consistent and precise temperature throughout the treatment to ensure that the scalp remains at the desired temperature. The cap is typically changed periodically during the chemotherapy treatment to ensure that it remains at the appropriate temperature. Overall, the use of RIGID miniature vapor compressor refrigeration units for a cold cap during chemotherapy can help reduce the risk of hair loss, which is a common side effect of chemotherapy.

Cold Caps for Hair Preservation

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