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Urban areas are expanding every day, which decreases the space available for agriculture. That is why many manufacturers are oriented toward discovering solutions that would enable smart hydroponic farming indoors. 

A smart hydroponic indoor farm is a unique solution for growing plants anywhere. Thanks to its unique design and cultivation system, it can grow various crops in ideal conditions. That includes maintaining the right temperature, which is where RIGID coaxial chiller DV1920E-C comes into play. The unique compact water cooler manufactured by RIGID ensures that the temperature on the “farm” is kept at optimal levels.

Keep reading to get a detailed look, and learn more about the unique hydroponic farming application!

What Is Water Chiller DV1920E-C?

RIGID Coaxial Chiller DV1920E-C is a compact water recirculation cooling system. The main idea was to provide efficient cooling while securing the overall size of the product remains minimal. Water chiller DV1920E-C is a robust, compact refrigeration-based chiller module for nearly every cooling application

As the demand for micro cooling is growing, RIGID is frequently approached by customers who wanted to make use of RIGID’s miniature refrigeration solution but also wanted a system that used their own controls and coolant loop. Based on these inquiries, RIGID has developed a compact water chiller DV1920E-C (24V) which provides purely the “guts” of the refrigeration system and allows the end-user to adapt the compact module directly into their system.

The coaxial chiller is widely applied to compact cooling equipment. It is why the dimensions of this coaxial liquid chiller are 330x200x150mm. That makes it versatile and suitable for various applications. The entire unit weighs only 11 pounds (5 kilograms). As you can see from the measurements, it is a genuine micro-cooling solution.
RIGID ensured that the product works at three different voltages – 12V, 24V, and 48V. It allows this cooling system to achieve excellent performance despite its small size. The compactness ensures using this liquid chiller in locations where space is important, and these units can fit in restricted areas.
Coaxial Liquid Chiller
Coaxial Liquid Chiller

The Main Components of Compact Water Chiller

The water recirculation system designed by RIGID utilizes R134A coolant, which is a popular cooling solution on the market. The DC compressor, condenser, and evaporator are all compact. The water chiller especially uses stainless steel coaxial evaporator. It has the major advantage of extraordinary cooling performance because the fluids are spread out over the liquid tubes. It also contains a variable speed driver board, and filter drier. 

The coaxial chiller adopts SS-316 stainless steel. The material is eco-friendly, which might be important for those who want to show their care for the environment. Additionally, using a stainless steel evaporator ensures an economical alternative to cooling with tap water. 

It is possible to control the speed of the compressor. You can do that by connecting the control board and the drive board. That way, you can adjust the entire system to get different temperatures for your needs.

Compact Liquid Chiller Drawing

How Does the Water Cooling System Work?

The RIGID coaxial liquid cooling solution uses a simple working process. Since the system is circulating a liquid loop, it utilizes pumps and pipes or tubes to send liquid throughout the product. The refrigerant has the task of absorbing heat from the fluid. The water chiller DV1920E-C ensures optimal heat transfer to maintain the desired temperature at all times.

RIGID water chillers consist of a compact, hermetically sealed refrigeration system (including a miniature variable speed compressor and drive board, condenser, expansion part, and an evaporator). The system is fully charged with R-134a, insulated, and mounted to a baseplate to drop directly into the end application. The user connects their coolant loop to the evaporator and provides airflow over the condenser. The user can interface with the driver board to provide compressor speed control as desired.

The compact cooling solution – DV1920E-C is a subsystem that can integrate directly into various applications. The device uses affordable parts, which maintains an overall acceptable price. The product is lightweight and features a compact size, which implies it can fit into virtually any application.

Why Choose Water Chiller DV1920E-C?

Compact Water Cooler for Smart Hydroponic Farming

Here is a quick list of benefits provided by the DV1920E-C coaxial chiller:

  • Reliable and long-lasting
  • A small footprint that fits almost anywhere
  • It includes a powerful BLDC miniature compressor
  • Virtually noiseless while operating
  • Affordable price tag

RIGID Technology picks the materials and components carefully. RIGID is famous as the industry leader when it comes to mini cooling and mini compressor. The company is dedicated to outstanding quality while keeping the best value for the price. That is why you can rest assured the product will serve you for a long time while delivering consistent performance.

Another important advantage of the water-recirculating cooler DV1920E-C is that it is virtually noisy when in operation. Since many applications involve it working non-stop for a long time, this is important. It is also crucial for using the chiller in rooms with people present or where you are sleeping. All that is possible with this cooler, is a vital footprint.

The miniature compressor secures a small footprint. That makes the product suitable to fit many applications. It won’t take up a lot of space, which means you don’t have to worry about its location too much.

The wide range of applications for the RIGID coaxial chiller includes micro-farming, smart hydroponic farming, small water loop cooling, etc.

Vertical Farming – the Future of Sustainable Farming

Vertical farming grows leafy greens without sunlight or soil in vertically-stacked troughs in a fully-controlled indoor environment. It’s better for the planet than traditional agriculture because it requires 95 percent less water, grows in half the time as traditional crops, doesn’t deplete the soil, and can be grown year-round and served locally — even in cold climates.
Here is how vertical farming looks, and where the RIGID coaxial chiller fits:
Vertical Farming
It was an intentional design to ensure it looks attractive and fits in with most corporate indoor spaces. The system features four shelves with four trays each. The shelf structure also comes with a cooling duct, heatsink, and LED lights. The bottom contains drawers for germination at the bottom.
The concept gives a unique opportunity to corporate owners to grow the produce to use in their facility. The system uses the hydroponic farming technique. Instead of using soil for growing plants and herbs, RIGID clients utilize nutrient solutions filled with minerals. These solutions are dissolved in water, and they ensure an accelerated growth rate of plants.

What Are the Advantages of RIGID Compact Chillers?

Water Chiller DV1920E-C is able to integrate into a customer’s applications, or directly into their assembly. Ultimately, this subsystem is intended to leverage RIGID’s refrigeration expertise while giving the end-user the most design flexibility.
Compact Chiller Features
  • Small and lightweight system designed to integrate into a wide array of applications
  • The powerful system provides significant cooling over a wide range of operating temperatures
  • Efficient operation with a coefficient of performance (COP) as high as 3.12W/W
  • Each system is hermetically sealed, charged, and tested in nominal conditions prior to shipment
Compact Chiller Highlights
  • Over 550 W cooling capacity
  • Efficient operation
  • Lightweight
  • Minimal footprint
  • Low noise
  • Easy to integrate
  • Low cost
The performance curve below defines the performance of the water chiller DV1920E-C. The data shown below were derived using 2 L/min water flow with 150 cfm airflow.
DV1920E-C Cooling Performance

RIGID Is The Liquid Chillers Manufacturer Behind Innovative Hydronic Vertical Farming

Vertical farming is a sustainable method of farming. The crucial advantage of the hydroponic system is that it uses considerably less water than intensive farming. The statistics indicate that hydroponic farming requires almost six times less water than intensive farming methods. It also requires 90% less water than standard agricultural methods, which is also impressive.

The unique feature of Vertical farming is that you can use it in indoor surroundings. That makes it suitable for restaurant and hotel owners who could grow fresh produce on the premises. It would not only ensure tasty greens for their guests but also eliminate the middleman. It is the perfect way of saving money in the long run.

Vertical smart farming also looks attractive. RIGID clients designed it in a way to ensure that aesthetics is among its main features. The design is sleek and modern, with LED lights that you can dim to your preference. The glass on both sides serves to keep the plants safe and maintain an optimal environment. The bookcase size makes this product the focal point of any room and attracts the attention of everyone who comes into the area.

Growing plants with vertical farming is possible throughout the year. You don’t have to worry about the weather because there is no way it can ruin your crops. It doesn’t matter if it is winter or summer outside. The hydroponic method will ensure an accelerated rate of growing greens and other plants. Fresh produce of the ultimate quality will always be at your tables.

It is crucial to note that vertical farming is easy to use. No plumping is involved in the installation, which means you can move the product around easily. The only thing to ensure is that there is a standard electricity outlet on the wall nearby. Once you turn the product on, connect it to Wi-Fi. Finally, pick the desired greens, herbs, and flowers. Add their seedpods to shelves and watch the magic happen. The product utilizes an enclosed ecosystem with ideal conditions for plants.


What Herbs, Greens, and Flowers Can You Grow with Vertical Farming?

You could divide the crops that you could grow with vertical farming into three categories:

  • Herbs
  • Greens
  • Edible flowers

Restaurants will appreciate the opportunity to grow herbs for spices and use them in food. The standard range of herbs includes mint, parsley, and sage, which are often added to meals. Thyme, lemon bald, dill, and chives are also options with our client’s product bookcase-sized farms.

Genovese and Thai basils smell great, and you can also go with amethyst basil. It is a unique herb that has an intriguing color. If you are looking to show off your product bookcase-sized farms to customers, that color can break the usual dominance of green on these shelves. Finally, za’atar and shiso are also suitable for hydroponic farming.

Leafy greens are an excellent addition to indoor crops. You can grow them throughout the year and always get ideal herbs because there is no danger of insects and other harmful factors damaging them. More than a dozen green veggies are available for cultivation, including several types of lettuce. Those are Salanova, Romaine, Red Oak Leaf, Butter, and Bib lettuce. That should cover all restaurants and other corporate needs.

The list of leafy greens doesn’t stop there. Amaranth is a unique plant with a combination of red, purple, and green colors. You can also try the unique red-veined sorrel, as well as its classic variation. Red komatsuna, which has more of a purple color, is a hybrid of mustard and spinach that is popular in Japan.

Joi Choi is a type of Chinese cabbage that reminds me of the famous bok choi. However, its stems are wider and leave darker. If you are looking for traditional frilled mustard, growing Japanese spider mustard Mizuna could be the right move. Green giant and scarlet frills mustard are also a good choices for vertical farming. Finally, don’t forget to try growing Astro arugula or Portuguese kale.

The great thing about small-home farming is that it shortens the time required to grow particular crops. Thanks to that, you have more room for trying out different plants until you find the one that fits your preference.

Edible flowers are an interesting addition to the range of plants supported. For example, growing chamomile is an excellent way of ensuring the guests in a restaurant always have fresh tea. You shouldn’t underestimate lavender and its wonderful aroma and soothing properties. Marigold, viola, and anise hyssop are also among the edible plants you can grow with these hydroponic farms.

These flowers have both functional and aesthetic purposes. They are all edible and can be a part of the meals. While they are growing, these flowers look attractive and spice up your case with various colors.

It is worth noting that RIGID cooperates with its clients in vertical farming. We are constantly looking for new additions to the crops grown on their indoor farms. The manufacturer is investing a lot of effort to meet all the expectations of clients, and they seem to be on the right path at the moment.

Liquid Chiller

What Do People Say About Vertical Farming?

Those who tried the RIGID compact liquid chiller for their hydronic farming emphasize that the system exceeded all their expectations. The modern approach and using state-of-the-art technology surprise people in a positive way. Owners of restaurants appreciate the opportunity to grow plants quickly. The system ensures a generous amount of leafy greens and other flowers and herbs without a hassle.

Business owners also pinpoint the small footprints of RIGID’s compact cooling units. According to them, customers who enter the premises love checking out the fashion case. Guests are also satisfied that their food comes from a reliable source. They frequently ask questions about how the system works and use every opportunity to commend the product.

What to Expect in the Future?

Vertical farming will continue improving over time. Although it is a product that delights clients already, the manufacturer’s idea is to go beyond business use. The goal is to design a version that people can use at home. That would motivate many city dwellers to become farmers and enjoy growing plants for themselves.

Apart from perfecting the product for at-home use, vertical farming or home small farming will probably add other crops to the list of supported plants. It is another way how the farming system will be taken to the next level.

Working Principle


Final Thoughts

Vertical farming seems to be the solution everyone was waiting for for a long time. This smart hydroponic farming product delighted restaurants, hotels, and other business owners who tried it. RIGID coaxial chiller DV1920E-C provides a cooling solution that meets vertical farming’s expectations. The unique mixture of aesthetics and functionality that this hydroponic farming method brings has us excited to see what the future brings for this product!

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