Cryopreservation: RIGID Redefines Ultra-Low Temperature Solutions

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Revolutionizing Cold Chain: Innovative Cooling Solutions by RIGID

  • Project:  Laboratory Device Cooling
  • Cooling Approach: Liquid Cooling
  • Demand: The Argentinian startup seeks RIGID’s Compact Liquid Chillers for lab device refrigeration, requiring precise cooling of a copper area at 10°C. The system employs two water jackets with a flow rate of 0.26 GMP, circulating at 1°C. The closed-loop, automotive-grade coolant system operates in a confined space, managing a heat output ranging from 216W to 256W.
  • Recommended products: DV2820E-P and DV3220E-P

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Subtitle: A Breakthrough in Compact Liquid Chilling Technology for Enhanced Cryopreservation

In the dynamic landscape of cryopreservation, where precision and innovation intersect, one project stands out as a beacon of advancement. An Argentinian startup, dedicated to device development in the cryopreservation sector, has embarked on a groundbreaking journey to redefine cooling solutions. At the heart of their pursuit is RIGID, the miniature compressor innovation leader in China, providing a compact liquid chiller that promises to revolutionize the cryopreservation process.

RIGID HVAC compact liquid chiller


Project Overview:

The project revolves around the development of cutting-edge cryopreservation devices designed to extract heat from an electronic device dissipating heat over an area of 21 square centimeters at a rate of 400 Watts. The goal is to maintain a controlled temperature range of 10 to 23 °C, crucial for the preservation of delicate biological specimens such as embryos and eggs.


RIGID’s Compact Liquid Chiller: DV2820E-P and DV3220E-P

Upon meticulous evaluation, the Argentinian startup has identified two models from RIGID’s repertoire that perfectly align with their requirements – the DV2820E-P and DV3220E-P. These miniature chillers showcase RIGID’s commitment to innovation and reliability in compact cooling systems.

  1. DV2820E-P:
    • Cooling capacity: 100W~550W
    • Twin cylinder compressor for enhanced power and efficiency
    • Communication options include UART for precise control
    • More information: DV2820E-P
    • Price: USD570/pc

      Plate Liquid Chiller-DV2820E-P
      Plate Liquid Chiller-DV2820E-P
  2. DV3220E-P:
    • Cooling capacity: 100W~500W
    • TTL communication for seamless control
    • Explore details: DV3220E-P
    • Price: USD530/pc
Plate liquid chiller DV3220E-P
Plate liquid chiller DV3220E-P

Key Features:

  • Designed for medical device applications
  • One-year product warranty with lifetime technical support
  • Noise levels optimized for a quiet operation
  • Maintenance-free lifespan ensuring long-term reliability
  • Custom labware for seamless specimen manipulation

Plate Liquid Chiller Drawing

850W plate liquid chiller structure


Testing and Considerations:

The startup is currently in the testing phase to determine the required water inlet temperature. Preliminary results suggest a need for a temperature below 10 degrees Celsius to ensure optimal cryopreservation. The project team is exploring the possibility of maintaining the target area at 10 degrees Celsius with water at 1 degree Celsius. The heat source generates an output of 256 Watts, making precise cooling a critical component of the project’s success.


#Project Two – FPSC Cryocooler for Cryopreservation:

Meanwhile, this Argentinian customer has another new project planned, using RIGID’s FPSC Cryocooler for assisted reproduction, a freezer that does not need to be refilled with liquid nitrogen, but instead uses reliquefaction technology to preserve human embryos and eggs by soaking them in liquid.

The automatic specimen handling of a single RF tracking straw ensures an unbreakable digital chain of custody while improving safety, saving embryologists’ time, and helping people around the world pursue their deepest family dreams.

By utilizing RIGID’s FPSC Cryocooler, this revolutionary freezer employs reliquefaction technology, eliminating the need for liquid nitrogen refills and immersing human embryos and eggs in liquid. The project aims to enhance safety, streamline procedures, and fulfill familial aspirations globally.

FPSC Cryocooler for Cryopreservation

Innovative Cryopreservation with FPSC Cryocooler:

The FPSC Cryocooler operates on the principle of continuous gas compression and adiabatic expansion, utilizing helium as a natural and environmentally safe refrigerant. This cutting-edge technology facilitates a seamless cyclic process, offering unparalleled precision in temperature control. In the context of assisted reproduction, the FPSC Cryocooler introduces reliquefaction technology, transforming the conventional approach to cryopreservation.

As the assisted reproduction project unfolds, RIGID’s FPSC Cryocooler emerges as a transformative force in fertility preservation. The reliquefaction technology, coupled with the digital chain of custody assurance, epitomizes innovation in the field. This venture not only promises to redefine assisted reproduction but also opens new possibilities for individuals seeking to build their families, marking a monumental step towards a future of enhanced fertility solutions.

Free Piston Stirling Cooler - RS100 PLUS
Free Piston Stirling Cooler – RS100 PLUS


Advantages of FPSC Cryocooler in Assisted Reproduction:

  1. Revolutionary Reliquefaction Technology:
    • Departing from the conventional reliance on liquid nitrogen, the FPSC Cryocooler introduces reliquefaction technology. This groundbreaking approach ensures sustained immersion of human embryos and eggs in liquid, eliminating the need for frequent nitrogen refills.
  2. Digital Chain of Custody Assurance:
    • The FPSC Cryocooler integrates automatic specimen handling through a single RF tracking straw, establishing an unbreakable digital chain of custody. This feature enhances traceability, safeguards specimen integrity, and contributes to the overall efficiency and security of assisted reproduction procedures.
  3. Enhanced Safety and Efficiency:
    • By eliminating the need for liquid nitrogen refills and introducing reliquefaction technology, the FPSC Cryocooler enhances safety protocols for embryologists. Simultaneously, the system streamlines processes, saving crucial time in assisted reproduction procedures.
  4. Facilitating Family Aspirations Globally:
    • The overarching objective of this project is to enable individuals worldwide to pursue their profound familial aspirations. RIGID’s FPSC Cryocooler, with its reliability and advanced technological features, plays a pivotal role in making assisted reproduction procedures more accessible and efficacious on a global scale.
Free Piston Stirling Cryocooler
Free Piston Stirling Cryocooler

Global Collaboration:

The collaboration between the Argentinian startup and RIGID exemplifies a global effort to push the boundaries of cryopreservation technology. With RIGID’s compact liquid chillers at the core, the project aims to achieve unparalleled efficiency, safety, and precision in the cryopreservation process.



As the project progresses, it not only signifies a breakthrough in cryopreservation but also highlights the significance of strategic partnerships in advancing scientific and medical technologies. RIGID’s commitment to innovation and reliability positions it as a key player in shaping the future of compact liquid chilling solutions for critical applications.

In the pursuit of safeguarding the primal desire of individuals to become parents, this project stands as a testament to the relentless pursuit of excellence in the field of assisted reproductive technology.

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