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We offer customized and off-the-shelf cooling systems that deliver full-size thermal management.

The Innovative Miniature Refrigeration and Thermal Managements

At RIGID, we pride ourselves on the rapid development of small cooling technologies and strong customized service. Our existing line of small cooling systems as well as patent miniature compressors, from the ground up virtually fit any application.

RIGID is happy to develop a custom solution to meet your specific demand. Let us know your requirements and we will work closely with you to work out a solution, create a design, develop a drawing, provide a prototype, work with you through validation, and then manufacture products that meet your precise requirements. Whether you need new technology, product updates, or a new project for the future; we’ve got you covered. Our nice engineers work directly with you and give you the support and services you need to MAKE MORE.

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Custom & Design


→ Requirement Validate

→ Create A Design

→ Develop A Drawing





→ Samples Produce

→ Sample Shipping

→ Mass Production


How to Get a Custom Design

Our experience is your advantage.

Participate in system design and verification of system requirements.
Listed in sufficient detail to create a working system or product design.
Create CAD drawings and determine feasibility of design proposal.
Prototype making, safety test and performance test for this new developed sample.
According to client to confirm shipment booking, arrange shipping by air or Express.
Work with you through validation, and then manufacture products 100% base on the sample.
The Miniature Compressor Innovation Leader

Miniature Compressor: Endless Possibilities!

The Compressor Chills Out, Your Device Will Stand Out.

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RIGID Products Index

RIGID Products Index

Frequently Asked Questions


  • How to choose a miniature refrigerated compressor?
  • How to choose a compact cooling system or module?


Do you have a small cooling unit that could cool a box approximately 100L?

It depends on the target temperature, there are two options for space cooling.

  1. The direct expansion system is a great choice to cool this space volume lower than 0℃. Customers can attach the evaporator according to the project requirements.
  2. Micro DC aircon is an air cooling system able to cool 45-100 cubic feet(1000L-2000L) to 16 ℃. The refrigerant is fully charged.
What's system does the micro DC aircon used?

RIGID micro DC aircon is be used in a variety fields for the compact dimension. Such as EV battery, Drone Docking Station, Small Van cabin, Camping, Vertical Farming, Trailer, City EV, Telecom Cabinet etc.

How do I determine the appropriate cooling capacity that required ?

The cooling capacity of liqud cooling unit will be related to the amount of water, target temperature, and time. For the air cooling system, the room size and how quick it need to cool is direct effect the cooling capacity.

How many degrees can the temperature decrease compared to the outside one?

Normally 10℃-15℃. The performance will be better if it has good insulation and adequate ventilation of the exhaust air.

Which kind small chiller is suitable for body cooling?

Liquid Cooling System is the most active body cooling approach. Using a circulating chilled liquid as the cooling medium to cool body, provide whole days cool.

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