Design process - RIGID Technology

Design for Manufacturing

Design for Manufacturing
Design process - RIGID
Collection and verification of information on customer's demands and requirements.
Evaluation of material and product utility, and development of a new product sample.
Design process - RIGID
Inspection at every stage from raw material to intermediate product to shipping.
Processing of various raw materials and products; Processing of various assemble.

Highly Customize . Optimized Production

Talented employees
Creative R&D
Maximize value
Enhance efficiency
RIGID Company

Rigid Design & Custom Advantages


  • Design – Customize based on your needs, then the best process.
  • Optimize – Minimize the number of parts, and optimized for assembly.
  • Support – Our experienced staff will be pleased to help you with all your needs.
  • Manufacturing & SCM – Reduce production and your total costs with our powerful logistics.

Working with Rigid R&D Team

Looking for a specific design miniature cooling solution? Do not hesitate to contact us. For our volume production clients, we also custom-design and manufacture products to meet their requirements. RIGID Makes Fully Designed and Custom Manufacturing HVAC Refrigeration Systems. 

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  • RIGID HVAC Manufacturing & OEM

Design & Custom Request


We also provide Customize Services. At RIGID, we pride ourselves on the rapid development of small cooling technologies and strong custom service. Our existing line of small cooling systems as well as newly designed dc air conditioner, from the ground up virtually fit any applications. RIGID is happy to develop a custom solution to meet your specific demand.

How to Get A Custom Solution?
  1. What’s your application or system?
  2. What cooling approach is desired: air cooling, liquid cooling, or direct refrigeration?
  3. What’s the cooling capacity required?
  4. What’s your target temperature?
  5. What’s the ambient temperature range?
  6. Are there any mounting size constraints?
  7. Are there any other constraints or requirements?
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