FPSC Stirling Cryocooler

Stirling technology is a breakthrough in Small and Deep Freezing. Built for precision, mobile, and fast-freezing applications.


  • Life Science
  • Semiconductor
  • Biotech Pharma
  • Portable Freezer
  • Smart Cold Chain
  • Military & Aerospace
  • Medical & Laboratory
  • Vaccine Transportation


Free Piston Stirling Cooler

RIGID offers Free Piston Stirling Cooler (FPSC) as a state-of-the-art temperature-controlled solution in the professional testing and ultra-low temperature (-86℃) industries such as Biotech,  Food, Energy, Pharmaceutical,  Medical, Chemical,  logistics, Metrology, and Bio-Science.

FPSC-Stirling Cooler, which differs from a compressor, is a cooling system that continuously repeats gas compression and adiabatic expansion and uses naturally occurring helium gas as the refrigerant. Helium is a very safe gas that is entirely harmless to our global environment. The typical use is in refrigerators, laboratory equipment, and vaccine storage used for low-temperature distribution of goods. Most importantly, it has the smallest footprint and is very lightweight, the whole system at just 2.2kgs/4.85lbs.

FPSC is a new cooling concept that uses Helium as gas and continuously repeats gas compression and adiabatic expansion. It is a much more efficient compressor, with low energy cost and consumption. The FPSC’s innovative MagLev technology enables it to be used in the field of deep freezing and can even precisely control the temperature at -160℃ maximum.

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Free Piston Stirling Cryocooler

FPSC Stirling Cooler
  • Capacity:40W
  • Voltage: 12V
  • N.W: 6kg (13.22lbs)
  • Coolant: Helium=2.5g
  • Cold Fin Temp Range:-100℃~ 0℃
  • Size: OD Ф86mm x Length 260 mm
  • Controller Sensor Temp: -1℃ to -90℃
  • Installation: Any direction is workable
  • Working Temp: 0℃~+45℃(32℉~113℉)
FPSC Stirling Cooler
  • Capacity:100W
  • Voltage:24V~30V DC
  • N.W: 7 kg (15.43lbs)
  • Coolant: Helium=3g
  • Cold Fin Temp Range:  -150℃ ~ 0℃
  • Installation: Any direction is workable
  • Controller Sensor Temp: 0℃ to -140℃
  • External Size: 132×132x336mm(LxWxH)
  • Working Temp: 0℃~+45℃(32℉~113℉)
FPSC Stirling Cooler
FPSC-RS100 Plus
  • Capaciy:100W
  • Voltage:24~30V DC
  • N.W: 7 kg (15.43lbs)
  • Coolant: Helium=3g
  • Cold Fin Temp Range: -160℃~ 0℃
  • Installation: Any direction is workable
  • Controller Sensor Temp: 0℃ to -140℃
  • External Size:167×156 x291mm (LxWxH)
  • Working Temp: 0℃~+45℃(32℉~113℉)
Stirling-77K -RIGID HVAC
FPSC-RS100 Plus 77K
  • Capacity: >5W (-196℃)
  • Helium Gas: 3g
  • Voltage: 12V~30V DC
  • Cold Fin Temp: -160℃ ~ -204℃
  • Rated Current: 3A ~ 8A
  • Maximum Current: 10A
  • N.W: 4.0kg (8.82lbs)
  • Size: L 167*W 156*H 338 (mm)
  • Installation: Any direction is workable
FPSC Stirling Vaccine Freezer
FPSC Vaccine Freezer
  • Capacity:100W
  • Voltage:12V~ 24V DC
  • Built-in battery, ≥1H
  • Inside Volume: 1 Liter
  • N.W: 13.5 kg (29.76lbs)
  • Cold End Temp: -86 ℃ to 4 ℃
  • Working Temp:0℃~+45℃(32℉~113℉)
  • Internal Size: 150x134x54.5mm (LxWxH)
  • External Size: 270x270x450mm (LxWxH)
FPSC Portable Freezer
FPSC Portable Freezer
  • Capacity:100W
  • Voltage:12V~ 30V DC
  • Built-in battery, ≥1H
  • N.W: 17kg (37.48 lbs)
  • Cold End Temp Range: -86 ℃ to 0 ℃
  • Volume: 10/20/30/40 Liters (Optional)
  • Working Temp: 0℃~+45℃(32℉~113℉)
  • External Size: 635x410x470mm(LxWxH)
  • External Size: 25×16.14×18.5inch(LxWxH)
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FPSC Stirling Cooler Applications


FPSC Cryocooler Features

FPSC Stirling Cooler

Oil-free and CFC-free, environment protection.

FPSC Stirling Cooler
High Efficiency

The temperature is able to reach -100°C in 4 minutes.

FPSC Stirling Cooler
High Precision

Temperature control is accurate to ±0.1 °C.

FPSC Stirling Cooler
Light Weight

Portable and can be used in any direction.


  • Input power:12V DC
  • Working current: 6A
  • Noise:≤38dB
  • Temp Range in Cold Fin (Cold part): -100℃~ 0℃


FPSC Stirling Cooler
FPSC Stirling Cooler


  • Input power:24V DC
  • Working current: 6A
  • Noise:≤48dB
  • Temp Range in Cold Fin (Cold part): -120℃~ 0℃



  • Input power:24-30V DC
  • Working current: 6A
  • Noise:≤48dB
  • Temp Range in Cold Fin (Cold part): -150℃~ 0℃

Free Piston Stirling Cooler
FPSC Stirling Cooler

FPSC-RS100 Plus

  • Input power:24-30V DC
  • Working current: 6A
  • Noise:≤48dB
  • Temp Range in Cold Fin (Cold part): -160℃~ 0℃

FPSC Vaccine Freezer-RG01L86

  • Input power:12-24V DC
  • Working current: 5A
  • Volume:1 L
  • Noise:≤48dB
  • Temperature:-86℃ to 4℃

Free Piston Stirling Freezer

Cryocooler Working Video

Isovolumetric Exothermic Process
Both pistons move in the same direction at the same time and the volume of gas remains constant until the compression piston reaches its dead center. As the gas passes through the regenerator, the heat is transferred to the packing, the temperature is reduced, and the pressure is also reduced.

Isothermal Compression
The compression piston moves while the expansion piston does not. Gas is isothermally compressed, compression heat is transferred through the cooler to the coolant (water or air), the temperature is maintained, pressure is increased, and volume is decreased.

Isothermal Expansion Process
The compression piston stops at the stop point while the expansion piston continues to move to the stop point. The gas is isothermally expanded and absorbs a certain amount of heat (cooling capacity) from the low-temperature heat source (cooling object) through the cold heat exchanger. The volume increases and the pressure decreases.

Constant Volume Heating Process
Both pistons move in the same direction at the same time to the stop point, the gas volume remains unchanged and returns to the starting position. As the gas passes through, it absorbs heat from the regenerator packing, and the temperature increases while the pressure increases.

Stirling Cryocooler Video – RS100

FPSC-Stirling Cooler-RIGID HVAC

FPSC: A Game-Changer For Next-Generation Deep Freezing

Stirling Vaccine Freezer
Vaccine Freezer

Why Choose Rigid Free Piston Stirling Cooler

key performance
Efficient Performance

No Oil, No CFC.

Utilizing helium as a coolant and MagLev technology, the temperature was down to -100℃ in a few mins, with 50% energy savings.

high COP
High Durability

Zero Maintenance, Less Engineering.

This unique design offers a number of advantages over traditional coolers. Most importantly, there are no solder joints, which greatly improves reliability and reduces after-sales maintenance.


battery charge
DC Power Supply

Portable, Off-grid.

It is powered by a 12V or 24V DC power supply and is tailored for mobile and off-grid refrigeration applications.

RIGID FPSC Stirling Cold Solutions Are Trusted in a Variety of Applications.

RIGID Stirling technology is a breakthrough in Small and Deep Freezing. It is widely used for precise temperature control for under -100℃(even-160℃), making it perfect for a wide variety of uses!

  • “This cooler works great, it’s still working continuously.”

    - VP Engineering David, NJ
  • “We integrated this subsystem into one of our designs, It drops down to -100°C quickly, impressive!”

    - Director Yamasaka, Japan
  • “Excellent service! The shipment has been very smooth and everything looks good. I can’t wait to test it.”

    - Design Engineer Matt, MT
  • “Thank you so much for your help in getting our new project off the ground. We are really looking forward to working with you again in the future. Your expertise and professionalism are greatly appreciated.”

    - CEO Daniel, WA

Frequently Asked Questions


RIGID Stirling Coolers not only are the most environmentally sustainable ultra-low temperature coolers on the market, but they are also the most cost-effective with the lowest life cycle costs.

1.What's Free Piston Stirling Cooler (FPSC)?

The Free Piston Stirling Cooler (FPSC) is an elegant, completely sealed heat transfer system that has only two moving parts (a piston and a displacer), and which can use helium as the working fluid without concern about seal leakage.

2.How does a Stirling Cooler work?

The FPSC uses a heat exchanger to cool the cylinder down. The heat exchange involves repeating compression cycles.

The main body also contains a piston that moves up and down continuously. The material of choice for these pistons is usually stainless steel. The moving of the piston combined with the compression leads to a gas explosion.

3.What's Stirling engine used for?

Stirling engines are energy conversion devices that may be used as prime movers, refrigerating engines, or heat pumps. Currently, they are used commercially as cryogenic cooling systems and are under development as low-noise, low-emission automotive engines.

4.What's the temperature can RIGID Stirling Cooler achieve?
  • RS40:-100°C
  • RS80:-120°C
  • RS100:-150°C
  • RS100 plus:-160°C
5.What's Stirling Cooler input power?
  • RS40:12V DC
  • RS80:24V DC
  • RS100:24~30V DC
  • RS100 plus:24~30V DC
6.What refrigerant does a Stirling Cooler use?

It uses Helium as the gas, CFC-free.

7.How do I control a Stirling Cooler?

It has two control boards: the main drive board and the temperature control board. You just need to turn it on and set the temperature.

8.What is the lifespan of a Stirling Cooler?

The FPSC Stirling Cooler design life is 5 years, and this is the recommended lifetime, although the current mean time to failure (MTTF) is over 200,000 hours, roughly 23 years.

9.What do I need besides the Stirling Cooler?

This depends on your applications. Most clients will need to cool their heat exchangers like Aluminum plates or Cold adapters. Both of these are available as permanent or removable options. Some clients will design their own evaporator or air fin to transfer cold. RIGID engineers can help you to find the best solution.

Most customers will also require a vacuum flange to attach the Stirling Cryocooler to their Dewar or cryostat. For more information, feel free to contact Ann Wee | ann@rigidhvac.com

10.Do Stirling coolers need regular maintenance?

The cryocooler components are enclosed in a welded pressure vessel and there is no way to access them. There is no maintenance required on the cryocooler. We do recommend keeping the air fins free of debris on units that have cooling fins.

11.Can I use the system in a vacuum?

Only RS100 Plus.

12.Does Stirling Cooler have installation orientation requirements?

No, they can be mounted in any orientation.

Besides, RIGID Stirling Cryocoolers offers several options for mounting. There are threaded hole patterns in the body of the cooler that is intended for mounting integration. The cooler can be mounted to the system via the cryostat flange either vertically or horizontally with the cryocooler cantilevered from the flange. Note: Care must be taken to not secure the cryocooler to the system structure in such a way that will induce stress in the body of the cryocooler.

13.Where can I purchase Stirling Cooler?
14.Can I get a custom evaporator?

Yes, RIGID offers clients cold tips or heat exchangers, like Alumimum cold plates, and cold fin. So that they can easily modify the cold tip (or acceptor) configuration. A custom cold tip will NOT increase the cryocooler lead time. We will deliver it along with the Stirling cooler.

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