Enhancing Automotive Testing: Micro Aircon for Reliable Cooling.

Controls and Precise Medical Device Cooling - RIGID
Controls and Precise Medical Device Cooling – RIGID

Project: Precise Component and Controls Cooling
Cooling Approach: Air-cooled
Cooling Approach: Simbiotix, a leader in automated solutions for life sciences and aerospace, requires a custom DC Aircon Unit for controls cooling. Specifications include reverse flow, a reversing valve for condenser and evaporator cycling, an outlet chilled air temperature range (3°C to 30°C), R290 refrigerant compatibility, side air ports, and an isolated evaporator. RIGID offers a custom Micro DC Aircon meeting these requirements, supporting Simbiotix’s mission to enhance operational efficiency with innovative automation solutions.
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Micro DC Aircon-Cool
Micro DC Aircon, DV2820E-AC-T (R290, Cool)

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Simbiotix is a pioneering company in the life sciences and aerospace industries, specializing in creating innovative automated solutions. Their products, such as reusable magnetic filtration systems and the IceCam for aircraft safety, significantly enhance operational efficiency by transitioning from manual to automated processes. The life sciences and aerospace sectors are increasingly adopting automation to improve precision, safety, and efficiency, positioning Simbiotix at the forefront of this transformation.

Simbiotix requires a custom 24V air unit for a laboratory application, capable of providing both heating and cooling. Key specifications include the ability to reverse flow for heating and cooling, a reversing valve to cycle the condenser and evaporator, and a temperature range of 3°C to 30°C with an outlet temperature of 3°C. The custom A/C unit must use R290 refrigerant, as R134a is banned in Canada. Additionally, Simbiotix needs the air ports to be side-mounted to reduce the unit’s height and an isolated evaporator located 0.5 meters from the main components in its own enclosure.

RIGID offers a tailored solution with their Micro DC Aircon unit, configured to meet all specified requirements. This A/C includes the reverse flow capability, precise temperature control, R290 compatibility, custom air port placement, and the isolated evaporator setup. This solution supports Simbiotix’s goal of integrating advanced automation into their innovative product lineup.

Custom Micro DC Aircon - RIGID HVAC
Custom Micro DC Aircon – RIGID HVAC

Air Solution

Micro DC Airon-Cool

As a spot cooler designed for confined/small space cooling, small footprint, and less power consumption.


  • 12V/24V/48V DC
  • R134a /R290 refrigerant
  • Brushless direct-current compressor
  • Small in size, compact like A4 paper
  • 2,000~6,500 rpm variable speed adjustment
  • Drive board (PCB) included for controls and software
Custom Micro DC Aircon - RIGID
Custom Micro DC Aircon – RIGID

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RIGID’s Micro DC Aircon-Cool offers a comprehensive solution specifically designed for cooling in confined or small spaces, making it ideal for Simbiotix Control Inc.’s laboratory equipment. The system is characterized by its small footprint and low power consumption, crucial for applications where space and energy efficiency are paramount.

Key Features

  1. Compatibility with Multiple Power Sources:
    • The unit can operate on 12V, 24V, and 48V DC power sources, providing flexibility in various application environments.
  2. Refrigerant Options:
    • It supports both R134a and R290 refrigerants. For Simbiotix, this is particularly important as R290 is required due to the legal restrictions on R134a in Canada.
  3. Brushless Direct-Current Compressor:
    • The aircon unit features a brushless DC compressor, known for its high efficiency and long lifespan. This type of compressor ensures reliable and consistent performance.
  4. Compact Size:
    • The system is incredibly compact, with dimensions comparable to an A4 sheet of paper. This small size is ideal for laboratory setups where space is limited.
  5. Variable Speed Adjustment:
    • It offers variable speed adjustment ranging from 2,000 to 6,500 rpm, allowing for precise control over the cooling output to meet specific needs.
  6. Integrated Drive Board (PCB):
    • The included drive board (PCB) facilitates control and software integration, enabling easy adjustments and customization of the unit’s operation.

Benefits for Simbiotix Control

  • Precise Temperature Control:
    • The ability to fine-tune the cooling output ensures that the laboratory equipment can maintain an optimal operating temperature range of 3°C to 30°C.
  • Efficient Operation:
    • The brushless DC compressor and low power consumption contribute to the overall efficiency of the system, reducing operational costs and energy usage.
  • Custom Air Port Placement:
    • The system can be customized with side-mounted air ports, reducing its height and better fitting Simbiotix’s specific space requirements.
  • Isolated Evaporator Configuration:
    • The ability to isolate the evaporator 0.5 meters from the main components in its own enclosure meets Simbiotix’s need for a specialized setup.

This tailored solution by RIGID not only meets but exceeds Simbiotix’s requirements, enhancing the performance and efficiency of their automated laboratory equipment.


RIGID’s Micro DC Aircon

It is an advanced air cooling solution designed for applications in confined or small spaces. Its compact design, comparable to an A4 sheet of paper, ensures minimal footprint while delivering efficient cooling performance. The unit operates on 12V, 24V, and 48V DC power sources, offering flexibility for various applications.

It supports both R134a and R290 refrigerants, catering to different regulatory requirements, including the legal restriction on R134a in Canada. The brushless direct-current compressor provides high efficiency and longevity, with variable speed adjustments ranging from 2,000 to 6,500 rpm for precise cooling control. Additionally, the integrated drive board (PCB) facilitates seamless control and software integration, enabling easy customization and operation.

12V DC Micro Aircon_RIGID
12V DC Micro Aircon_RIGID

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RIGID’s R&D Team

RIGID is renowned for its strong development and R&D capabilities. The company consistently invests in research and development to innovate and enhance its product offerings. RIGID’s R&D team excels in creating cutting-edge cooling solutions that meet the evolving needs of various industries. Their expertise in miniaturization and energy efficiency has led to the development of compact, high-performance cooling systems like the Micro DC Aircon-Cool.

RIGID’s commitment to quality and innovation ensures that their products are not only technologically advanced but also reliable and efficient, making them a preferred choice for customers seeking specialized cooling solutions.

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