Large Power Liquid Chiller

Large Power Chiller Provides Cutting Edge Water Thermal Management to Meet Clients Needs.

  • Chip/Laser
  • Electronic
  • Life Sciences
  • Medical Device
  • Body Recovery
  • Electric Vehicle
  • Animals Cooling
  • Vertical Farming
  • Cryotherapy & Hydrotherapy


High Power Liquid Chillers

RIGID focuses on the design and manufacture of compact refrigeration systems to meet the requirements of many applications in a wide range of industries. Our first mini water chiller was developed in October 2017. This mini water cooling system uses our own mini variable speed rotary compressor for core cooling of medical devices and laser equipment.

In 2020, in response to market demand, our cooperative factories started to produce 850W~1,780W hermetic rotary DC compressors in small batches. In the same year, RIGID Technology developed high-power water chillers. The Large Power Liquid Chiller is mainly used in the medical, electronic, and laser industries.

The Large Power Liquid Chiller is a ready-to-use cooling module with refrigerant fully charged. The customer does not need to charge any freon gas. A quick lock fitting allows end-users to adapt it to their coolant fittings for ultimate flexibility.

Since 2010, RIGID has built unique compact HVAC systems for Medical Aesthetics, Lithium Battery,  Green Energy Storage, and Semiconductor manufacturing. We now supply tens of thousands of refrigeration systems annually to many of the industry’s leading equipment manufacturers in the medical, life sciences, laboratory, pharmaceutical, military, electronics, electric vehicle, laser, and various other industries.

Large Power Chiller Specification
Large Power Chiller Specification

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High power chiller
  • Designed to integrate into almost any device/application.
  •  With a coefficient of performance (COP) as high as 3.0 W/W.
  •  Provides significant cooling capacity over a wide range of operating temperatures.
  • Undergoes a rigorous quality test before shipping.
  • It is made of stainless steel and is environmentally friendly.
  • Provides low noise, high-efficiency refrigeration to ensure the best possible performance.
  • Compact dimension, high efficiency, and powerful system.
  • Chiller is hermetically sealed, with oil and refrigerant pre-charged.
  • The flexible and scalable design in order to meet the most demanding application needs.

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High Power Liquid Chiller Features

compact size
Compact Size

The world’s smallest footprint is designed for compact & confined space.

High Reliability

Sophisticated manufacturer ensures a high degree of reliability.

High Capacity
High Efficiency

Inverter technology&various speed PCB ensures high efficiency.

Low Weight
Low Weight

Delivers powerful performance but compact and extremely portable

850W Plate Liquid Chiller


  • Refrigerant: R134A
  • Input Power: 260W
  • Working Current: 11A
  • Rated Voltage: 12V/24V
  • Cooling Capacity: 850W (2,898Btu)
  • Net Weight: 28.6lbs / 13.0 Kgs
  • External Dimension: 420 x 310 x 240mm
850W Plate Liquid Chiller
1200W liquid chiller

1200W Plate Liquid Chiller


  • Refrigerant: R134A
  • Rated Voltage: 48V
  • Input Power: 400W
  • Cooling Capacity: 1,200W (4,092Btu)
  • Working Current: 8.3A
  • Net Weight: 26.5lbs / 12.0 Kgs
  • External Dimension: 400 x 270 x 285mm

1780W Plate Liquid Chiller


  • Rated Voltage: 24V
  • Refrigerant: R134A
  • Input Power: 600W
  • Cooling Capacity: 1780W (6,070Btu)
  • Working Current: 22A
  • Net Weight: 59lbs / 27 Kgs
  • External Dimension: 600 x 480 x 360mm
High power chiller

Large Power Liquid Chiller Application

Medical Equipment

The large power chiller provides a wide range of water cool solutions for medical devices in compliance with industry best practices.

EV charger cooling
Electric Vehicle

This larger chiller offers an effective way to thermal management of electric vehicle’s batteries and Energy Storage while charging.

Laser Cooling

RIGID large liquid chiller is also widely applied to laser cooling or components core cooling to prevent overheating of components.

Chip Cooling
Chip Cooling

The compact larger chillers are reliable for chip cooling and easily integrated into customers’ existing systems and devices.

Why Choose Rigid Compact Liquid Chiller

key performance
Outstanding Capacity

Smaller in size, but higher in performance suits laser diodes, beverages, electronics, batteries, coolers, boxes, vans, etc.

high COP
Higher COP

The inverter variable speeds PCB board (2,000 rpm~6,500 rpm) provides a higher Coefficient Of Performance >3.5W/W.

battery charge
DC Power Supply

The DC Power Supply 12V, 24V, and 48V is tailored for mobile and off-grid air conditioning and refrigeration applications.

State-of-the-Art Technology for Compact Refrigeration

Today’s RIGID is the miniature rotary compressor innovation leader in China. We keep looking for novel solutions in compact & portable cooling systems. RIGID can be your reliable HVAC, Portable Miniature Cooling & Manufacturing Partner.

  • “Quality build, great customer support! Thanks for meeting my custom-requested demands.”

    - Engineer Stephen, LA
  • “They are prompt and courteous, and the product is reliable. We have been very happy with both of our custom small cooling units and the support.”

    - CTO Alan, Georgia
  • “Very reliable mini compressors! The sales team was very up-to-date. I must extend thanks to Bella, she is skilled and answered all the questions I was concerned about at that point in time.”

    - Director CT Levine, New York
  • “Knowledge, quality, professionalism, and accountability. Very good company to work with on all accounts from start to finish, always willing to take the lead to make sure there are no errors on either side. All project orders were done in a timely manner. Great company and great people, including their office staff.”

    - CEO Vince Byrd, CA

Frequently Asked Questions


With our outstanding Mini DC compressors for portable air conditioners, freezers, boxes, vans, boats, trucks, etc.,

RIGID mini compressors have transcended the barriers for mobile refrigeration. safeguarding food, medicine, and telecommunication through its outstanding performance.

1. What’s RIGID Power Liquid Chiller?

RIGID Power Liquid Chiller consists of a DC compressor with R134A refrigerant, an efficient condenser and radiator, an aluminum radiating fins heat exchanger, a filter drier, a driver board, and other refrigeration parts.

2. How to Calculate the Cooling Capacity of Liquid Chiller?

There are five factors to consider:

  • Liter of liquid
  • Target temperature
  • Initial liquid temperature
  • Time to reach the target temperature
  • Ambient temperature
3. What are RIGID Power Liquid Chiller Features?

Compact size, lightweight while excellent efficiency.

4. RIGID High Power Liquid Chiller Working Principle?

liquid chiller working principle

5. What's High Power Plate Liquid Chiller Application?

RIGID liquid chillers are widely used for EV Battery Cooling, Medical Cooling, Laser Cooling, Chip Cooling, Personal Cooling, Beverage Cooling, Military Cooling, Electronic & Equipment Cooling, Vertical Farming Cooling, Drone Station Cooling, Cold Cap, Last Mile Delivery, etc.

6. What's Power Liquid Chiller Warranty?

One-year warranty, lifelong technical support.

7. What's the Payment Terms and Shipping Method?

–PayPal, Credit cards, Bank transfer & L/C.
–DHL/UPS, By Air, and By Sea are available.
–50% by T/T in advance, the balance before shipment.

8. What's the Delivery Time?

3 days for stock orders, and 20-30 days for mass production orders.

9. Do RIGID Provide Customization Service?

Yes, RIGID provides OEM&ODM and personalization services to match your system-specific cooling requirements.

10. What's the MOQ for Customized Order?

It depends on the design and drawing. Usually, MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) is 20 ~50 sets.

11. What Applications do the Large Power Chiller for?

RIGID High Power Liquid Chiller is a type of powerful compact liquid chiller sub-system that provides focused heat transfer. It is especially useful for applications like water-chilled equipment, medical device refrigeration, portable cooling systems, automation, etc. It can handle a wide range of temperatures and has a small footprint for easy installation.

12. What components are included in RIGID Large Power Chiller?

The Large Power Liquid Chiller has basic 4 components: a DC Compressor, a Condenser, an Evaporator, and a Filter Drier. RIGID patented brushless rotary dc compressor (driver board included) offers excellent cooling capacity and the highest flexibility for the customer’s application.

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