Laser CO2 Cooling


The quality of the terminal laser equipment is not only affected by the core components, but also by the cooling system it is equipped with.  The laser water cooling system can ensure a long time stable operation of the laser, improve the efficiency and extend the service life.

A laser water chiller is mainly used to cool the laser generator of the laser equipment in the water cycle and control the temperature of the laser generator so that the laser generator can keep working normally for a long time. In the long-running process of laser equipment, the laser generator will constantly produce high temperatures. If the temperature is too high, the normal operation of the laser generator will be affected, so the laser chiller is needed for water circulation cooling, and temperature control.

RIGID compact Water Chiller Systems can be well integrated into the vast number of laser chillers in the market. They are widely used in medical laser equipment, laser cutting machine, marking machines, engraving machines, CO2 laser glass tubes, semiconductors, CO2 radio frequency tube lasers, and fiber lasers.

  • High power chiller

Large Power Chiller


  • Large Power Chiller
  • 12V /24V /48V DC
  • Refrigerant: R134a
  •  Adopts BLDC compressor
  • Capacity: 850W / 1,200W / 1,780W
  • Temperature Range: ±20℃ (-4~68℉)
  • Features: Small, reliable, efficient, and affordable cost.

Medical Laser Equipment Cooling


  • Recirculating Water Chiller.
  • Efficient High-Power DC Compressor.
  • Compact Liquid Chiller Modules easily integrated into laser cooler.
  • DC inverter compressor allows precise temperature adjustments.
  • laser medical machine
  • Large Power Chillers

Large Power Chiller Applications


RIGID Water Chiller Units are a kind of water cooling system. The principle of Water Chiller Units is that the DC compressor does work and the refrigerant circulates continuously in the system to cool the water by taking away the heat of the water. The internal pump injects water into the reservoir to be cooled.

The chilled water will then take away the heat inside the machine and the hot water will return to the reservoir for cooling again. Such water loop circulation cooling achieves the role of core cooling.

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