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Beauty Machine Laser Chiller Cooling Solution_RIGID HVAC


  • Project: Medical Beauty Machine Laser Cooling
  • Cooling Approach: 24V Compact Chiller – Water Cooled
  • Demand: A Spanish company discovered RIGID at a Laser Photonics trade show in München. They are developing a new laser platform for medical and aesthetic treatments, specifically hair removal. They need a cooling system for critical areas, the Laser diode, and the tip applicator. They are interested in our chillers, and if they work well, they will discuss custom quantities. They provided a diagram with two Peltier components and the target temperature is (0-3ºC) which can be achieved in 5 minutes, considering an ambient temperature of 26-30ºC. They also inquired about the possibility of ordering the module with a different disposition to fit their platform’s special dimensions.
  • Recommended product: 24V Water Chiller XB075Z-24

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The landscape of global healthcare solutions is constantly changing, driven by the introduction of cutting-edge technologies. This evolution has led medical device manufacturers, like global brands of medical machine manufacturers, to develop advanced healthcare products with extended life cycles. This is largely achieved through the incorporation of innovative cooling and airflow solutions.

RIGID utilizes micro refrigeration compressor technology in their micro cooling systems, offering sophisticated thermal management capabilities, including water cooling and air circulation cooling. These solutions play a crucial role in significantly extending the operational life of equipment used in sanitation and medical care.

Effectively managing thermal conditions helps mitigate issues like accumulated heat and ensures precise control over process temperatures. As a result, these integrated thermal management solutions not only guarantee the reliable operation of equipment but also effectively address challenges associated with the overheating of medical devices.

A leading Spanish medical equipment supplier, having discovered RIGID at a Laser Photonics trade show, is interested in incorporating a cooling system into their new laser platform for medical and aesthetic treatments, specifically hair removal. They are considering ordering a current module and have questions about adapting the module’s disposition to fit their platform’s special dimensions. They also seek confirmation on achieving the required temperatures in their ambient conditions.

High power chiller

Reference (PDF File): RIGID Compact Chillers for Efficient Temperature Control of Medical Diagnostics


Medical Chiller - RIGID HVAC
Medical Chiller – RIGID HVAC


Cooling Solutions

  • Product: 850W High Power Liquid Chiller
  • Model: XB075Z-24
  • Power: 24V DC
  • R134A Refrigerant
  • Nominal Capacity: 850W


  • Compact in size, yet large in power density
  • Light weight extremely portable
  • It draws less power and rejects less heat
  • Temperature stability with high precision/accuracy.
  • Precision Chillers That Work Perfectly In Harsh Environments
Medical Chiller - XB075Z-24
Medical Chiller – XB075Z-24

1. Evaporator Types: The XB075Z-24 liquid chiller utilizes a stainless steel plate evaporator. The evaporator’s role is to cool the liquid, and the client understands the necessity of connecting the evaporator to a water tank using a hose and employing an external pump to circulate water within the tank.


2. Temperature Control: It’s recommended to incorporate a thermostat to control and monitor the water temperature in the tank while the liquid chiller is operational. The client is comfortable with this approach, expressing the intention to control the temperature in the water tank.


3. Mounting Size Constraints and Water Pump Specifications:

    • The current dimensions of the module are acceptable.
    • The client is open to redistributing components in their layout.
    • Pump: 2.5l/min max flow rate, 0.4MPa max pressure, 24V DC, and a current range of 1.2-1.5A.

The client is seeking clarification on mounting size constraints and is in the early stages of defining the layout. They have provided initial specifications for the water pump, expressing an intention to control the temperature in the water tank through the use of a thermostat.


XB075Z24 Drawing file

Why Choose RIGID Medical Chillers?

In medical devices and beauty machines like hair removal devices, a water chiller is essential for keeping the laser system working well. Here’s a simple explanation of how RIGID medical chiller works:

  1. Laser Heat Generation:
    • The laser produces heat during operation.
  2. Heat Absorption:
    • The water chiller is built into the device to absorb this heat.
  3. Closed-Loop Circulation:
    • Cooling fluid circulates through channels in the device, touching the heated parts.
  4. Heat Transfer:
    • The fluid absorbs excess heat, preventing components from getting too hot.
  5. Transport to Chiller Unit:
    • The heated fluid goes to a separate chiller unit designed for cooling.
  6. Cooling in Chiller Unit:
    • The fluid undergoes a cooling process in this unit, lowering its temperature.
  7. Recirculation:
    • Cooled fluid returns to the device, ready to absorb more heat in a continuous loop.
  8. Maintaining Optimal Temperature:
    • This closed-loop system manages temperature, ensuring the laser works reliably and safely for effective hair removal.

In short, the RIGID water chiller acts as a cooling system, preventing overheating and ensuring the hair removal device performs well and lasts longer.

Liquid Cooling System

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