RIGID’s Advanced Cooling Solution for Allengers’ Laser Medical Devices


Project: Medical Equipment Cooling
Cooling Approach: Water-cooled
Cooling Approach: Allengers, an Indian leading Indian medical equipment manufacturer, needs a compact, portable water chiller for their laser medical device. The chiller must reduce 4 liters of pure water from 32°C to 21°C within 11 minutes, with low vibration and noise. Considering the quiet requirements of their medical equipment, RIGID abandoned the traditional AC compressor and adopted a miniature DC inverter compressor, specially customized a chiller for laser medical equipment with low vibration, low noise, and high refrigeration efficiency.
Recommended products: Coaxial Liquid Chiller – DV3220E-C

Coaxial Liquid Chiller, DV3220E-C (24V DC)
Coaxial Liquid Chiller, DV3220E-C (24V DC)

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Allengers Medical Systems Ltd., headquartered in Chandigarh, India, has established itself as a pioneering force in the medical diagnostic equipment industry since its incorporation in 1987.  Allengers, known for pioneering advancements and robust R&D, seeks a compact, portable water cooler for their laser medical device.

The cooler must lower 4 liters of pure water from 32°C to 21°C within 11 minutes, ensuring low vibration and noise levels. RIGID, recognized in the medical equipment chiller industry for innovative cooling solutions, offers a customized chiller using a miniature DC inverter compressor. This chiller, with a 300 W cooling capacity, fits within 800x400x350 mm, meeting Allengers’ stringent requirements for efficiency and quiet operation.

The medical equipment chiller industry emphasizes reliability, precise temperature control, and low operational noise, critical for sensitive medical applications. Allengers’ trust in RIGID underscores their commitment to quality and innovation in providing superior medical solutions, aligning with their reputation for excellence and continuous advancement in the healthcare sector.

X-ray medical machine
X-ray medical machine


Chiller Solution

Coaxial Liquid Chiller

  1. Miniature DC Inverter Compressor:
    • Designed for low vibration and noise
    • Suitable cooling capacity around 300 W to ensure effective cooling within the desired timeframe
  2. Heat Exchanger:
    • Efficient design to ensure rapid heat transfer from the water to the refrigerant
  3. Pump:
    • Flow rate: 2000 ml/min (33.33 ml/sec)
  4. Water Tank:
    • Capacity: 4 liters (included in the total system capacity of 5 liters)
  5. Control System:
    • Precision temperature control to maintain target temperature
    • Low-noise operation
  6. Installation:
    • Ensure all components fit within the specified dimensions: 800 x 400 x 350 mm


Proposed Model:

  • Model: DV3220E-C
  • Voltage: DC 24V
  • Cooling Capacity: 300 W
  • Noise Level: < 40 dB(A)
  • Dimensions: Customizable to fit the specified installation space
  • Vibration: Minimized through optimized compressor mounting and design

Coaxial Liquid Chiller

Coaxial Chiller Drawing DV3220E-C

System Specifications:

  1. Liquid Type: Pure Water
  2. Pump Flow Rate: 2000 ml/min (2 liters/min)
  3. Tank Capacity: 4 liters (with an additional 1 liter for margin, making it 5 liters total including the customer’s tank)
  4. Initial Temperature: 32°C
  5. Target Temperature: 21°C
  6. Cooling Rate: 1°C per minute, achieving the target temperature in 11 minutes
  7. Installation Space: 800 x 400 x 350 mm (including the 5-liter water tank)


Key Features:

  1. Cooling Method: Miniature DC inverter compressor
  2. Vibration: Low
  3. Noise: Low
  4. Energy Efficiency: High


Cooling Capacity Calculation:

Coaxial Liquid Chiller Cooling Capacity

Additional Considerations:

  • Ensure all connections and materials are compatible with medical-grade standards and pure water to avoid contamination.
  • Verify the pump and other components are rated for continuous operation to ensure reliability during medical procedures.

By adopting this tailored cooling system, Allengers can ensure their laser medical devices operate efficiently and quietly, meeting the stringent requirements of medical environments.


RIGID Water Chillers

RIGID water chillers provide an economical and efficient solution for maintaining consistent cooling temperatures and preventing corrosion in various equipment. Noteworthy for their compact design, these chillers also excel in energy efficiency and low voltage operation (12V/24V/48V), ensuring safety and reliability across industrial and commercial applications.

The advantages of RIGID water chillers extend beyond basic cooling. The advanced technology allows for continuous and clean heat removal from machinery and processes, enhancing overall operational efficiency and longevity. The use of a fully enclosed DC inverter compressor ensures that the cooling system operates with minimal maintenance, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

Designed with versatility in mind, RIGID water chillers can be integrated into a wide range of settings, from manufacturing plants to data centers, where precise temperature control is crucial. Their robust construction and reliable performance make them an invaluable asset for any heat-generating equipment, supporting optimal function and extending equipment lifespan.

Furthermore, RIGID’s commitment to innovation is reflected in the chiller’s user-friendly interface and customizable options, catering to specific cooling requirements. This adaptability ensures that RIGID water chillers can meet the unique demands of diverse industries, providing a sustainable and long-term cooling solution.

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