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About RIGID Micro Chillers

In a world that demands precision and efficiency, RIGID introduces a groundbreaking solution to thermal management challenges – the RIGID Micro Chiller Series. This innovative active thermal management water cooling system is set to redefine the standards in a variety of applications, from laboratories to laser cooling and micro-molding.


At the heart of the RIGID Micro Chiller is a micro brushless DC variable frequency rotary compression mechanism. This cutting-edge technology, equipped with a drive, facilitates a highly efficient cooling process. The micro refrigeration cooling unit, also known as a chiller, is designed to cool the liquid in the storage tank, commonly referred to as the refrigerant. The pump then circulates the cooled liquid to the designated area, effectively extracting heat and achieving local cooling.

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One remarkable feature of RIGID’s micro chillers is their adaptability to integrate seamlessly with customers’ devices or systems. This flexibility opens up new possibilities for applications requiring precise and controlled thermal management. Whether cooling crucial components or maintaining optimal temperatures in diverse environments, the RIGID Micro Chiller Series excels.


The closed-loop system ensures continuous operation as long as the system is powered on. Heat absorbed by the coolant at the application site is efficiently transferred back to the chiller for the cooling process to begin anew. This cyclic process guarantees consistent and reliable cooling performance, making the RIGID Micro Chiller Series a reliable choice for demanding applications.


The micro chiller series from RIGID boasts an impressive temperature range, delivering outstanding performance from -4°F to 68°F (-20°C to 20°C). This versatility makes it an ideal solution for a wide range of industries and applications, providing the precision and efficiency required for critical tasks.


RIGID’s commitment to quality is evident in the 100% testing and running of each chiller before leaving the factory. All units are pre-filled with the environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a, ensuring that they are ready to perform at their best upon installation.


Micro Chiller Features

  1. Highly Energy-Efficient: The advanced technology and design of the micro chiller ensure optimal energy utilization, contributing to a more sustainable and cost-effective solution.
  2. Compact, Portable Design: RIGID understands the importance of space in various applications. The micro chiller series is constructed with a space-conscious design and can be customized to fit into configurations with space limitations.
  3. Rotary Sealed Compressor: The use of a rotary-sealed compressor enhances the efficiency and reliability of the cooling system, ensuring consistent performance over time.
  4. Green-Friendly Refrigerant: RIGID is committed to environmental responsibility by using R134a, an environmentally friendly refrigerant that meets global standards for sustainability.
  5. Air-Cooled or Water-Cooled Condensing: The flexibility to choose between air-cooled and water-cooled condensing options allows users to adapt the microchiller to their specific requirements and environmental conditions.
  6. Direct Current Compressor: The micro chiller runs on 12V, 24V, or 48V direct current, providing flexibility and compatibility with a variety of power sources.
Compact Recirculating Chillers & Thermal Managements
Compact Recirculating Chillers & Thermal Management


Micro Chiller Applications

The RIGID Micro Chiller Series is a versatile and adaptable cooling solution with applications across various industries. Its innovative design and precise thermal management capabilities make it suitable for a wide range of scenarios. Here are some key applications of the micro chiller:

  1. Laboratory Cooling:
    • The micro chiller is ideal for laboratories where maintaining specific temperatures is crucial for experiments, equipment, and samples.
  2. Laser Cooling:
    • Laser systems generate significant heat, and precise temperature control is essential for optimal performance. The micro chiller ensures efficient cooling, enhancing the reliability and longevity of laser systems.
  3. Micro-Molding:
    • Micro-molding processes require precise temperature control to ensure the quality and consistency of molded products. The micro chiller series provides the necessary cooling for micro-molding applications.
  4. Electronics Cooling:
    • The micro chiller can be employed to cool electronic components and devices, preventing overheating and ensuring the reliable operation of sensitive electronics.
  5. Medical Equipment Cooling:
    • Various medical devices and equipment generate heat during operation. The micro chiller can be integrated into medical applications to maintain optimal temperatures and ensure the performance and longevity of equipment.
  6. Industrial Processes:
    • The micro chiller series is well-suited for cooling industrial processes where precise temperature control is essential for product quality and consistency.
  7. Temperature Control in Manufacturing:
    • Manufacturing processes often require specific temperature conditions for optimal results. The micro chiller can be integrated into manufacturing setups to ensure consistent and controlled temperatures.
  8. Environmental Chambers:
    • Chambers used for testing, simulation, or environmental control benefit from the precise temperature control provided by the micro chiller, ensuring accurate and repeatable conditions.
  9. Photovoltaic (Solar) Panel Cooling:
    • Solar panels can experience reduced efficiency when exposed to high temperatures. The micro chiller helps maintain an optimal operating temperature, improving the overall performance of photovoltaic systems.
  10. Data Center Cooling:
    • The micro chiller can be utilized in data centers to cool servers and other hardware, contributing to energy efficiency and maintaining an optimal operating environment for sensitive equipment.
  11. Food and Beverage Industry:
    • In certain food and beverage processing applications, maintaining specific temperatures is critical for product quality. The micro chiller can be employed to ensure precise temperature control in these processes.
  12. Printing Industry:
    • Printers and printing processes generate heat, and the micro chiller can be used to cool printing equipment, preventing overheating and ensuring consistent print quality.


The adaptability, energy efficiency, and precise temperature control offered by the RIGID Micro Chiller Series make it a valuable asset in a wide range of applications, addressing the diverse cooling needs of different industries.


In conclusion, the RIGID Micro Chiller Series represents a leap forward in thermal management technology. Its innovative design, adaptability, and commitment to sustainability make it a standout choice for industries requiring precise and efficient cooling solutions. Whether in laboratories, laser cooling, micro-molding, or other commercial applications, RIGID’s micro chiller series sets a new standard for excellence in thermal management.


RIGID not only provides top-tier cooling solutions but also extends its expertise to OEM manufacturing and custom design services. Elevate your experience with tailored excellence and precision engineering for your unique requirements. Do not hesitate to contact us, to get a → Solution.

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