Why Choose RIGID miniature refrigeration systems?

RIGID specializes in the design of miniature refrigeration systems. We work directly with our customers to provide custom cooling solutions to meet their specific requirements. Rigid also provides solutions to meet clients’ challenging cooling requirements. Many of the cooling systems & modules which Rigid has designed are very well-received by customers.

The Liquid Chiller is a compact, hermetically sealed refrigeration system (including a miniature variable speed inverter compressor and drive board (patented sine wave), condenser, heat exchanger, capillary, filter drier, dc fan motor, and other small parts).

The system is fully charged with R-134a, insulated, and mounted to a baseplate to drop directly into the end application. The user connects their coolant loop to the evaporator and provides airflow over the condenser. The user can interface with the driver board to provide compressor speed control as desired.

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