RIGID History
RIGID History
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Our History

Rigid was established in 2010 (formerly known as Ruiyun) with a vision to introduce to the domestic market all its needs for a miniature compressor, as well as compact thermal management solutions that rely on innovation and customization.

RIGID brand was established in 2016 which marks to start of an oversea market in the marketing of Miniature Compressors & Small Cooling Systems. Our long-term and high-volume relationships have therein allowed us to forward that value to our clients. Our experience and rich resources in the industry have enabled us to successfully serve our clients for over 12 years.

RIGID isn’t a century-old company, but we move quickly, unafraid to take responsibility. 


  • YEAR - JAN. 2010

    • Direct Current Refrigerated Miniature Compressor
    • The 1st Generation Mini Compressor Was Unveiled in Jan 2010.
    first generation mini compressor
  • YEAR - SEP. 2010

    • The 1st generation driver board (Square wave) was coming out.
    • Mini Compressor QX1401 and QX1402 (12V/24V ) series were published in September 2010.
    2010 mini compressor
  • YEAR OCT. 2011

    • The factory was awarded China high-tech enterprise.
    • RIGID has 1 invention patent, 1 utility model patent, and 6 utility model patents.
    2011 mini compressor
  • YEAR JUN. 2012


    • The 2nd generation driver board has been developed.
    • The newly developed QX19 series mini compressor was in mass production.
    2012 mini compressor
  • YEAR MAR. 2013


    • The Miniature compressors were honored with “The innovation Awards”.
    •  RIGID has gained the ISO9001: 2008, with all its products, and got national CE – EMC LVD certifications.
    2013 mini compressor
  • YEAR MAR. 2014


      • Gained financial support from the Technology Research & Development Center
      •  The 3rd generation QX14 and QX19 (12V 24V 48V ) were published in Aug 2014.
    2014 mini compressor
  • YEAR MAY. 2015


    • Getting funding from local government for Energy Conservation & Emissions Reduction
    •  T3 Tropical Compressor was unveiled in June 2015. The tropical compressors series are specially designed for extremely hot ambient temperature areas.
    12V mini compressor
  • YEAR JAN. 2016


    • The first small dc condensing unit was launched.
    •  Its main advantage is the high efficiency, less energy consumption, and affordable.
    2016 dc condensing unit
  • YEAR OCT. 2017

    • RIGID has developed other 3 types of small liquid chiller modules (LCM): Coil Chiller, Plate Chiller, and Coaxial Chiller.
    • RIGID small cooling unit serves as a compact cooling system for fluid circulation refrigeration.
    2017 small cooling unit
  • YEAR MAR. 2018

    • The Micro DC Aircon was launched in March 2018
    • RIGID Micro Aircon is a compact solution for small & confined space air cooling
    12V micro dc aircon
  • YEAR MAR. 2019

    • The cooler Alphacooler was coming out. No Maintenance. No Ice. No Hassel.
    • This compact cooler is a commercial off-the-shelf product.  24/7 continuously running.
    Water cooler Alphacooler
  • YEAR JUN. 2020

    • The Portable Air Conditioner was coming out. No Maintenance. No Ice. No Hassel.
    • This dc air conditioner is a commercial off-the-shelf product.  24/7 continuously running.
    2020 Portable AC
  • YEAR JAN. 2021


    • RIGID Liquid Chiller Modules have gained a RoHS certificate.
    •  The micro dc aircon series have gained CE – EMC LVD certifications.
    2021 CE-TUV
  • YEAR APR. 2021

    • The -86℃ Vaccine Freezer was coming out. Stirling engine power.
    • It is designed for the medical scene, portable, ultra-compact, lightweight, and minimum temp of -86℃.
    2021 Vaccine freezer
  • YEAR SEP. 2021

    • The tiny 0.7cc mini compressor was coming out.
    • It is the World’s Smallest & Tiny Rotary DC Compressor.
    2021 0.7cc mini compressor
  • YEAR FEB. 2022

    • The mini 8.8cc mini compressor was coming out.
    • Capacity: >1,067 W (3,638 Btu);
    • COP (Coefficient Of Performance): 3.46 W/W
    24v mini compressor
  • YEAR MAR. 2022

    • The Twin-cylinder compressor was coming out.
    • The tropical mini compressor works at ambient temperatures -20℃ ~ 55℃.
    2022 2.8cc twin cylinder compressor
  • YEAR JUL. 2022

    • The Twin-cylinder Micro DC Aircon was coming out.
    • The even power aircon unit works at ambient temperatures -20℃ ~ 55℃.
    2022 3.8cc aircon unit

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