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Pet Chiller Cooling Mat

Pets, like humans, can be vulnerable to heat-related health issues. Cooling pets is essential to prevent overheating and heatstroke, which can be life-threatening. Here are a few reasons why pets need to be cooled:

  1. Limited Ability to Regulate Body Temperature: Unlike humans, pets cannot regulate their body temperature as effectively.
  2. High Sensitivity to Heat: Pets can suffer from heatstroke much faster than humans.
  3. Lack of Access to Cooling Spaces: Unlike humans, pets may not always have the option to seek out cooler environments or shade.
  4. Exercise and Physical Activity: During exercise or play, pets can exert themselves and generate additional heat.
  5. Vulnerability to Sunburn: Certain pets with light-colored or thin fur are susceptible to sunburn, which can further compromise their ability to regulate body temperature.
  6. Pre-existing Health Conditions: Some pets may have pre-existing health conditions that make them more vulnerable to heat stress. For example, older pets, those with respiratory or cardiac issues, or overweight animals may struggle more with excessive heat.

Pets need to be cooled because they have limited ability to regulate body temperature compared to humans. They are highly sensitive to heat, can suffer from heatstroke quickly, and their fur can trap heat. Lack of access to cooling spaces and exercise can also contribute to overheating. Providing shade, fresh water, and avoiding hot surfaces are essential, especially for pets with pre-existing health conditions. Cooling products and proper grooming can help keep them comfortable and prevent heat-related emergencies.

Pet Water Chiller

RIGID water chilled system for pets use the principle of evaporative cooling to keep pets cool. The pet cooling system consists of a chiller, water pump, reservoir, and a cooling pad for pets.

  • Chiller: The chiller cools the water used in the system.
  • Water Pump: The water pump circulates the cold water from the reservoir to the cooling pad and back.
  • Reservoir: The reservoir stores the cold water.
  • Cooling Pad: The cooling pad is made to hold water and is placed where the pet rests.
  • Cooling Effect: The cold water from the reservoir flows through the cooling pad, absorbing heat from the warm air and cooling it down.
  • Breeze: The cooled air is blown out from the cooling pad, creating a refreshing breeze for the pet.
  • Continuous Cooling: The water keeps circulating, providing a constant cooling effect for the pet.

This system offers precise temperature control and works effectively even in humid conditions, ensuring your pet stays comfortable during hot weather.

Water chiller pets cooling chiller
Alphacooler for body cooling


The Most Compact, Lightweight, and Powerful Portable Water Cooler.

AlphaCooler is a compact and powerful mini cooling system that requires no maintenance or ice. It offers 24/7 continuous cooling, making it ideal for hot weather or when wearing protective gear. It’s used in various fields, including racing, body cooling, medical laser, military, firefighters, outdoor work, and electronics.

  • Less Weight. More Power.
  • Cooling Water Return.
  • Plug and Play.


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