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Cooling off confined areas are the specialty of the double-layer air condition unit of RIGID HVAC CO. It has 12V, 24V, and 48V that can choose from. It can cool an area from 5 degrees Celsius up to 30 degrees Celsius. Since it is battery-operated, it does not require fuel. Eco-friendly machine and super-efficient. The DC air conditioner is small, travel-friendly, and of course, a high-efficient battery-driven dc aircon unit that can be used in electric vehicles, in equipment, and even on camping trips.






(Heating & Cooling)

Product: Portable Air Conditioner (Pro version)

Model: DV3220E-AC/H (24V DC)     

  1. Compressor: Miniature BLDC Compressors
  2. Voltage: DC 12V, 24V or 48V are available
  3. Refrigerant: R134A
  4. Weight: 5.5kgs (12.13lbs)
  5. Size:  355*170*356mm(14*7*14inch)
  6. Cooling Capacity:
  7. Cooling: 450W (1,534Btu)
  8. Heating: 400W (1,364Btu)


Battery and Solar Power drive DC portable air conditioner for any type of vehicle such as RV, EV, trailer, and other kinds of small space cooling and warming.



A tiny air-conditioning unit has a small BLDC rotary refrigeration compressor and a high-powered fan system. The portable dc air conditioner can cool a room at 60 degrees Fahrenheit in just 10 minutes. Amazing right? Here’s more, it only weighs a quarter of a normal air-conditioning unit yet can give 550 watts of cooling power. It can be used as a personal aircon. It can also fit in any small space with a huge cooling capacity and minimal sound from the portable dc air conditioner. It is an energy-saving machine that can be marketable all over the world. It is the perfect solution for any cold or warm temperature in small spaces.

DC INVERTER AIR CONDITIONER – The new generation cooling Unit.


With the air conditioner dc of RIGID, it is not just the conventional cooling unit in the market. It is travel friendly with high performance. It is purely operated by a battery that is essential for areas that require the use of mainstream sources of energy—the dc aircon unit most functional in the market for EVs, rooms, and many more. Using the tiny dc compressor, it is only 14.0×13.2×6.7 inches.

Small yet powerful. It can be used 24/7. No need for any added cooling materials. It is an excellent solution by RIGID Technologies. A cooling system for anywhere and everywhere!

RIGID portable air conditioner is ideal for cooling down the temperature in small and confined spaces.


Features of 550 W of Micro DC Aircon DV3220E-AC/H capacity at rated conditions


  • Operates on 28 VDC power
  • Fan mode – the fan circulates the air in the room.
  • Cool mode – cooling and dehumidifying in the humid season.
  • Qualified for operation on outdoor telecom cabinet cooling
  • Compatible with most indoor and outdoor operational cases
  • Provides cooling, heating, and dehumidification to electronics enclosures and cabinets
  • Prevents dust or contaminants from entering the enclosure when installed in an appropriate enclosure
  • 4 times more efficient, 5 times lighter, and 3 times smaller than thermoelectric systems (Peltier cooling)

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