AlphaCooler: Racing Driver Body Vest Cooling 12V Battery Operated

Driver Racing Chiller Cooler
Driver Racing Chiller Cooler
  • Project:  Racing Driver Body Cooling
  • Cooling Approach: Water-Cooled
  • Demand: Alain G. a Canadian passionate race car driver with his studio at SAR Rural Classics in Kimpton, seeks a customized racing driver cooling system from RIGID Technology. His specific requirements include a 12-volt racing driver cooling system with a maximum cooling capacity of 500W. The complete system, encompasses a compact chiller unit, a custom-fit liquid cooling T-shirt, extension tubing, and a power cord. The system should feature iceless cooling technology, continuous operation, compactness, and user-friendly controls.
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Alain G, an avid race car driver based at SAR Rural Classics in Kimpton, is in search of an advanced cooling solution tailored for the racing industry. Unimpressed by the limitations of his current large and cumbersome ice water mixing chiller, which demands frequent ice additions every hour, Alain has turned to RIGID Technology for a cutting-edge alternative – the Alphacooler chiller.


Expressing a specific set of requirements, Alain desires a racing driver cooling system operating on a 12-volt platform and capable of delivering a maximum cooling capacity of 500W. Recognizing the need for a comprehensive solution, Alain is looking for a complete package that includes a compact and lightweight chiller unit, a customized liquid cooling T-shirt designed for optimal efficiency and comfort, extension tubing for seamless connectivity, and a power cord compatible with a 12-volt power source.

Alain’s paramount concern is the inconvenience associated with traditional cooling methods, particularly the reliance on ice. The Alphacooler, being an iceless cooling technology, stands out as a promising solution. This innovation ensures a continuous 24/7 cooling experience, eliminating the need for frequent ice refills and providing a hassle-free solution for racing professionals.

Alphacooler body cooling
Alphacooler body cooling

racing cooler- AlphaCooler

Furthermore, the proposed racing driver cooling system aims to address the specific needs of the racing industry. Alain seeks a compact and lightweight design to accommodate the dynamic requirements of race car driving, promoting portability without compromising performance. The integration of user-friendly controls, such as temperature adjustment and management features, is crucial to enhancing Alain’s experience during races.

The collaboration between Alain Goulet and RIGID Technology is not merely transactional but rather an opportunity to fine-tune the cooling solution to meet Alain’s unique preferences and specifications. Regular communication and feedback will be maintained throughout the development process to ensure that the final product aligns seamlessly with Alain’s expectations.

In essence, Alain Goulet’s request goes beyond a mere cooling system; it represents a bespoke solution crafted for the intricacies of the racing industry, where efficiency, portability, and user-centric design converge to redefine the standards of comfort and performance for race car drivers.



AlphaCooler (Cool)

The Best Compact, Lightweight, and Rugged Water Cooling System for Racing and Motorsports.

  • 12V ~ 24V DC
  • R134a Refrigerant
  • Capacity: 100W ~ 500W
  • Touch Screen & Remote Controller
  • Cooling Temp: -5℃ ~ 20℃ (23℉ ~ 68℉)
  • Parts: x Power cord; 2 x Liquid pipe; 4 x Quick connector; 1 x Fuse.
  • Optional: Remote, Cooling Vest, Customer’s Logo, Custom-made.

Alphacooler for body cooling


AlphaCooler Features

The AlphaCooler by RIGID Technology boasts several advanced features designed to deliver efficient and convenient cooling solutions. Here are some key features of the AlphaCooler:

  1. Active Personal Cooling System:
    • Utilizes an active compressor cooling unit to actively cool the user, setting it apart from passive cooling systems.
  2. Continuous Cooling:
    • Provides continuous and consistent cooling for an extended duration, ensuring optimal comfort in various environments.
  3. Iceless Cooling Technology:
    • Eliminates the need for ice, offering a hassle-free cooling experience without the inconvenience of ice replenishment.
  4. Compact and Lightweight Design:
    • Engineered with an ultra-compact size and lightweight construction, promoting portability and ease of use, particularly for on-the-go applications.
  5. Customizable Temperature Control:
    • Equipped with a digital controller that allows users to adjust the temperature settings based on their comfort and external conditions.
  6. Miniature Rotary Vapor Compression Compressor:
    • Incorporates advanced miniature vapor compression technology for safe, quick, and efficient cooling.
  7. Versatile Power Options:
    • Capable of operating on various power sources, including battery, DC power, vehicle power, solar, or standard wall outlets, offering versatility in different scenarios.
  8. Complete Racing Driver Cooling System:
    • Specifically designed for race car drivers, the AlphaCooler can function as a complete racing driver cooling system, providing all necessary components like circulation pumps, controls, switches, and a liquid cooling T-shirt.
  9. Efficient Circulation Pumps:
    • Includes efficient circulation pumps that facilitate optimal heat transfer and cooling performance throughout the system.
  10. User-Friendly Controls:
    • Features controls that are intuitive and easy to use, enhancing the overall user experience.
  11. Proven Performance:
    • Demonstrated to be a high-performance cooling solution, offering maximum efficiency with minimal power requirements.
  12. Wide Range of Applications:
    • Widely adopted in various industries and settings, including race car driving, spot work, medical applications, military operations, and outdoor activities.

In summary, the AlphaCooler is a sophisticated and versatile cooling system, designed to meet the diverse needs of users in different environments, with a particular focus on providing exceptional cooling solutions for race car drivers.

Race Driver cooler in Canada
Race Driver cooler in Canada

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AlphaCooler’s Advantages

  1. Iceless Operation:
    • AlphaCooler eliminates the need for ice, ensuring uninterrupted cooling during races, without the hassle of ice management.
  2. Continuous Cooling:
    • It provides consistent and continuous cooling, maintaining optimal body temperature for race car drivers throughout the entire race duration.
  3. Compact and Lightweight Design:
    • AlphaCooler’s compact and lightweight construction allows for ease of integration into racing gear, contributing to improved mobility and comfort for drivers.
  4. Efficient Vapor Compression Technology:
    • The advanced vapor compression technology ensures efficient and quick cooling, crucial for enhancing driver performance and endurance.
  5. User-Friendly Controls:
    • Equipped with user-friendly controls, AlphaCooler allows drivers to customize and adjust cooling settings based on their preferences and specific race conditions.
  6. Versatility in Power Sources:
    • AlphaCooler accommodates various power sources, providing flexibility for drivers to choose between battery, DC power, vehicle power, solar, or standard wall outlets.
  7. Proven Performance:
    • AlphaCooler has a track record of proven performance, earning the trust of racing professionals for its ability to effectively regulate body temperature and contribute to improved lap times.
  8. Reduced Maintenance:
    • With minimal maintenance requirements, AlphaCooler ensures drivers can focus on their races without distractions or the need for frequent adjustments.

In summary, AlphaCooler’s iceless operation, continuous cooling, compact design, efficient technology, user-friendly controls, power source versatility, proven performance, and reduced maintenance collectively make it a superior choice for racing drivers, providing them with an advanced and reliable cooling solution to enhance their overall racing experience.


Why do Racing drivers often prefer AlphaCooler over traditional ice water chillers?

Racing drivers favor AlphaCooler over traditional ice water chillers for its iceless, compact design, continuous cooling, and user-friendly controls.

AlphaCooler’s advanced vapor compression technology ensures optimal body temperature, reducing lap times. Its versatility in power sources and reduced maintenance make it a convenient choice.

In contrast, traditional ice water chillers demand frequent ice replenishment, hindering driver focus. Their bulkier design can impede movement in confined spaces, and they may require more maintenance.

AlphaCooler’s innovation provides racing drivers with a reliable, efficient, and hassle-free cooling solution, making it a preferred alternative to traditional ice water chiller.



RIGID is a leading technology company specializing in cutting-edge thermal management solutions. Renowned for innovations like the AlphaCooler, RIGID excels in providing advanced cooling systems for diverse industries, including racing, medical, and military. With a focus on portability, efficiency, and user-friendly designs, RIGID’s solutions elevate comfort and performance in challenging environments, setting new standards in thermal management.

Racing Driver Chiller AlphaCooler - RIGID
Racing Driver Chiller AlphaCooler – RIGID


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