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  • Project: Medical Laser Device Cooling
  • Cooling Approach: Recirculating water-cooled
  • Demand: A leading Indian medical equipment provider is seeking a micro water cooling system from RIGID for medical applications. Specializing in healthcare solutions, the supplier offers a range of products in radiology, cardiology, and other medical fields. RIGID, renowned for manufacturing miniature cooling systems for medical devices and Lab diagnostic systems, delivered a customized dual water chiller for the medical company’s laser machine. The solution exceeded performance expectations, demonstrating a successful collaboration to meet specific medical equipment requirements.
  • Recommended product: Custom Water Chiller DV1920E-C-D

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Established in 1987, the Indian Medical company stands as a key player in medical equipment manufacturing, having achieved milestones like obtaining US FDA approval for its Digital Radiography System. With a global presence in over 100 countries, it has become a leader in India for Radiology and C-Arms.

In a strategic partnership, RIGID takes center stage as the go-to expert for crafting exceptional thermal management solutions. Collaborating seamlessly with the medical company, RIGID plays a pivotal role in elevating medical projects by delivering tailor-made thermal solutions.

This dynamic collaboration merges the Indian company’s medical prowess with RIGID’s specialized thermal expertise, ensuring not just reliability but innovation in every medical equipment endeavor. Join us in this journey of excellence, where cutting-edge technology meets thermal brilliance, setting new benchmarks for the healthcare landscape.

  • Product: Custom Coaxial Liquid Cooller
  • Model: DV1920E-C-D
  • Power Supply: 24V DC
  • Cooling Capacity: 900W (3,070Btu)
Coaxial Liquid Chiller-Standard
Coaxial Liquid Chiller-Standard
New Design Coaxial Chiller DV1920E-C-D
New Design Coaxial Chiller DV1920E-C-D



Recirculating Chillers are like superheroes for medical laser devices, especially those used in procedures like hair removal. Their main job is to keep things cool and running smoothly. Imagine lasers as little heaters – they generate heat when working. To make sure everything works perfectly, Recirculating Chillers step in. They manage the temperature super precisely, preventing overheating and making sure the lasers perform consistently and accurately.

Why do we need these chillers in medical laser devices? Well, lasers work best in a stable temperature. If it gets too hot or too cold, the laser might not work as well. So, the chiller’s job of controlling the temperature is really important for getting reliable and predictable results in medical procedures, like hair removal.

The lasers have these tiny parts called laser diodes that create the laser beam. But, these diodes don’t like too much heat – it can make them stop working sooner. Recirculating Chillers save the day by cooling down the heat produced during laser operation. This helps the laser parts last longer and keeps the whole device working well.

Safety is a big deal too. Recirculating Chillers act like bodyguards for the laser system, making sure it doesn’t get too hot and stays within safe limits. This not only protects the equipment from damage but also ensures that medical procedures go smoothly without any risks to patients.Coaxial Liquid Chiller for medical device

The way Recirculating Chillers work is pretty cool too! They operate in a closed-loop system, circulating a special cooling fluid through the laser system. This fluid absorbs the heat, goes to the chiller unit for cooling, and then comes back to do it all over again. It’s like a never-ending cooling cycle that keeps the temperature just right.

Especially in places like aesthetic clinics, where there might not be a lot of space and noise needs to be low, these chillers are designed to be compact and quiet. They fit in perfectly, making sure everything stays cool without bothering anyone.

RIGID is a miniature refrigerated compressor innovation leader in China. We keep looking for novel solutions in compact and portable cooling systems. We capture new technologies in mobile and compact cooling systems!

Superior design, uncompromising quality, and a growing list of satisfied clients make RIGID the pioneer in the micro cooling industry.

In a nutshell, companies like RIGID make these custom Recirculating Chillers for medical companies in India. These chillers are like the unsung heroes in medical laser devices, making sure they stay cool, work safely, and last a long time. They’re essential for keeping lasers in top-notch condition for various medical procedures, including hair removal.850W plate liquid chiller


How Does Water Chiller Work in Hair Removal Medical Device?

In a hair removal medical device, a water chiller plays a crucial role in maintaining optimal operating conditions for the laser system. The process involves a closed-loop cooling system designed to manage the heat generated during the operation of the laser device. Here’s a simplified explanation of how a water chiller works in a hair removal medical device:

  1. Laser Heat Generation:
    • When the hair removal laser is in operation, it generates heat. This heat is a natural byproduct of the energy produced by the laser, and if not managed properly, it can affect the performnce of the laser system.
  2. Heat Absorption:
    • The water chiller is integrated into the hair removal device. Its primary task is to absorb the heat generated by the laser during operation. The laser system is designed with a cooling circuit that circulates water or a water-glycol mixture.
  3. Closed-Loop Circulation:
    • The cooling fluid circulates through a closed-loop system, which typically includes tubing or channels within the laser device. As the fluid moves through these channels, it comes into direct contact with the components generating heat, such as laser diodes.
  4. Heat Transfer:
    • As the cooling fluid comes into contact with the heated components, it absorbs the excess heat. This process is crucial for preventing overheating, as it ensures that the temperature of critical laser components remains within the optimal range.
  5. Transport to Chiller Unit:
    • The heated cooling fluid is then transported away from the laser components to the chiller unit. This unit is a separate part of the system designed specifically for cooling purposes.
  6. Cooling in Chiller Unit:
    • In the chiller unit, the heated cooling fluid undergoes a cooling process. This is often facilitated by a heat exchanger that dissipates the absorbed heat, bringing the temperature of the cooling fluid back down to the desired level.
  7. Recirculation:
    • The now-cooled fluid is then recirculated back into the closed-loop system, ready to absorb more heat from the laser components. This continuous recirculation ensures a consistent and efficient cooling process during the entire operation of the hair removal device.
  8. Maintaining Optimal Temperature:
    • By managing the temperature through this closed-loop cooling system, the water chiller helps maintain optimal conditions for the laser system. This precision cooling ensures the laser operates reliably, consistently, and safely for effective hair removal procedures.

In essence, the water chiller acts as a cooling system, preventing overheating and safeguarding the performance and longevity of the hair removal medical device.

Recirculating Chillers for Medical Laser Devices-RIGID
Recirculating Chillers for Medical Laser Devices-RIGID

Elevate Your Cooling Solutions with RIGID Liquid Cooling Systems

Discover the pinnacle of innovation in miniature refrigerated compressors with RIGID, a leading force in China’s cooling technology landscape. We specialize in pioneering compact and portable cooling systems, relentlessly exploring new technologies that redefine mobility and efficiency.

  • Expertise

At the forefront of micro cooling, RIGID sets the standard with superior design, unwavering quality, and a growing roster of satisfied clients. Our miniature compressors unlock endless possibilities, ensuring your device stands out in the crowd.

  • Tailored Cooling Solutions

RIGID boasts expertise in designing intricate cooling systems operating in ambient or below ambient temperatures. Our repertoire includes compressor and liquid heat exchanger systems featuring liquid-to-air or liquid-to-liquid heat transfer configurations. Customization is our forte – starting with a standard product, we optimize it for your unique application. Our liquid cooling systems, designed to remove up to 4 kW of heat, deliver a high coefficient of performance (COP) and offer versatile options such as coolant filtration, hot gas bypass control, variable pump capacity and flow control, thermal control of liquid circuits, and more. Choose between conventional or natural refrigerants to suit your preferences.

  • Smart Controls for Optimal Performance

Maximize performance with our liquid cooling system equipped with a custom-made or off-the-shelf controller. RIGID’s controller technology regulates power supply, fan speeds, and flow rate, ensuring precision in every aspect of the cooling process.

  • Seamless Prototyping Process

RIGID’s experienced team of engineers crafts tailored solutions based on your application needs. Our ISO certified manufacturing sites bring designs to life, with customers actively participating in the approval and modification process during prototyping. Rigorous testing and monitoring in the specified application guarantee that the final design surpasses all requirements.

  • Expert Guidance, Every Step

Have questions about our liquid cooling systems prototyping service? Connect with our thermal experts for comprehensive assistance. Elevate your cooling experience with RIGID – where innovation meets excellence in liquid cooling solutions. Contact Us.

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