The Best Compact Recirculating Liquid Chillers

Custom liquid chillers

RIGID Technology Provides The Most Compact and Portable Recirculating Liquid Cooling Solutions.


In the world of liquid cooling solutions, customers have specific desires. They highly value smooth performance under different workloads, compact size, and the ability to meet medical certification standards with a 24 VDC option.

Enter RIGID company, offering two unique liquid cooling kits that perfectly address these customer demands. These kits have cooling capacities of either 450 W or 1,780 W, using efficient dc compressor circuits. What makes these solutions special is their versatility, allowing customers to easily integrate their own custom liquid coolant circuits.

RIGID also provides four recirculating chillers, each equipped with pre-configured water circuits. Among these, two serve as evaluation kits with cooling capacities ranging from 450 W to 1,780 W, offering a starting point for customized solutions. Additionally, for those who prefer ready-to-use recirculating chiller units, RIGID has an appealing option with an integrated universal 100 to 240 VAC power supply and a CE mark, making integration seamless.

At the core of RIGID’s offerings is the Liquid Cooling Kit, also known as the liquid chiller. This sophisticated cooling system operates as a sealed vapor compression circuit, using a low-vibration, low-noise, speed-controlled miniature rotary BLDC compressor. RIGID presents two types of liquid chillers: Plate Liquid Chillers and Coaxial Liquid Chillers, differentiated by their evaporators—a brazed plate or coaxial heat exchanger—which seamlessly integrate into the customer’s OEM liquid coolant circuit.


850W plate liquid chiller structure


Efficiency and reliability come together in RIGID’s recirculating Liquid Chiller, equipped with BLDC compressors and a closed, pressurized recirculating water circuit. For those seeking further customization, RIGID offers a bespoke service with compact centrifugal pumps, resulting in a remarkably small tank size. These recirculating chillers can easily adapt to different voltage inputs, accommodating 12V, 24V, or 48V operation.

Alternatively, for those preferring an AC power supply (110~220V/ 50~ 60Hz), RIGID Technology proudly presents the QD25H110 model of the small Recirculating Chiller. This variant incorporates an affordable compressor and boasts an ultra-small and portable design, making it ideal for laboratory and micro-liquid cooling applications, providing customers with unparalleled flexibility.

RIGID’s liquid cooling applications demonstrate remarkable versatility, catering to water, glycol-water, and deionized water usage. This diverse range of solutions effectively addresses the cooling needs for lasers, reagents, or photonics, all requiring efficient cooling below ambient temperatures.

RIGID HVAC compact liquid chillers
RIGID compact liquid chillers

With nearly 12 years of persistent endeavors of our people, RIGID has established a whole set of management systems and has passed ISO9001:2008 International Quality Management System, and has gained CCC, CE, RoHS, and UL certificates.

RIGID company collaborates and provides the best compact cooling solutions for your device or application. We have the best engineers in the industry, that provide technical support to optimize your machines as quickly as possible.

Today Rigid has helped many companies and startups upgrade their devices with the latest micro cooling technology. Feel free to Contact Us!

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