Cooler Heads and RIGID Partnership Revolutionizes Chemotherapy Experience for Cancer Patients!

Mini Water Chiller a cooling solution to Chemo
Mini Water Chiller a cooling solution to Chemo
  • Project:  Chemotherapy for Cancer Patients
  • Cooling Approach: Liquid Cooling
  • Demand: Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy often fear the loss of hair, which affects their identity and privacy. Cooler Heads and RIGID collaborate to address this concern by providing a portable, patient-administered scalp cooling solution. RIGID’s mini water chiller offers efficient and reliable cooling, empowering patients to preserve their hair and regain control over their treatment journey, fostering dignity and resilience.
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The collaboration between Cooler Heads and RIGID aims to revolutionize chemotherapy treatment by addressing the distressing side effects of hair loss. With approximately 40% of Americans facing a cancer diagnosis in their lifetime, and about 8% declining chemotherapy due to alopecia fears, the need for effective solutions is evident.

Cooler Heads, founded by breast cancer survivor Kate Dilligan, sought to improve existing scalp cooling therapy after experiencing its limitations firsthand, including high costs and inconvenience. RIGID, renowned for its custom liquid chilling technology, emerged as a crucial partner in this endeavor.

Cooler Heads recognized the demand for a portable, patient-administered scalp cooling solution that could overcome the limitations of existing methods. RIGID’s mini water chiller offered several advantages, including efficient and reliable cooling capabilities in a compact form factor.

Unlike traditional methods requiring large quantities of dry ice and constant supervision, RIGID’s solution allowed for convenient and extended usage, even in remote settings like a car ride home from treatment. Its customization options and responsive customer support made RIGID an ideal partner for Cooler Heads’ mission.

cold cap chemo chiller
cold cap chemo chiller



Mini Water Chiller

The Ultra-small water chiller allows the end user to adapt to micro-liquid cooling applications for ultimate flexibility.


  • 12V /24V /48V DC
  • R134a Refrigerant
  • Adopts miniature DC compressor
  • Capacity: 100~550W (360~1,880Btu)
  • Temperature Range: ±20℃ (-4~68℉)
  • 2,000~6,500 rpm variable speeds drive board
  • Features: Small, reliable, efficient, and affordable cost

Mini Water Chiller-RIGID HVAC

Mini Water Chiller Drawing

Project Overview

In the realm of cancer treatment, the fight against the disease often entails battling not only the physical effects but also the emotional and psychological toll it takes on patients. For many undergoing chemotherapy, one of the most distressing side effects is the loss of hair—a visible reminder of their illness that can strip away their sense of identity and privacy.

However, a groundbreaking partnership between Cooler Heads and RIGID is poised to change the landscape of chemotherapy treatment, offering a solution that not only preserves patients’ dignity but also empowers them to take control of their journey through illness.

Cooler Heads, founded in 2018 by tech entrepreneur and breast cancer survivor Kate Dilligan, has been at the forefront of developing innovative solutions to address the challenges faced by cancer patients. Inspired by her own experience and fueled by a desire to improve the treatment process for others, Dilligan embarked on a mission to revolutionize scalp cooling therapy—an approach that has been proven to mitigate chemotherapy-induced hair loss.

Enter RIGID, a company renowned for its expertise in custom liquid chilling technology. Through a strategic partnership with Cooler Heads, RIGID has lent its cutting-edge cooling systems to enhance the efficacy and accessibility of scalp cooling therapy, ultimately transforming the chemotherapy experience for patients across the nation.

RIGID HVAC-Compact Cooling Chillers for cold cap for chemoscalp cooling-cold therapy for chemotherapy

At the heart of this partnership lies the Amma device—a portable, FDA-approved cold cap system developed by Cooler Heads. Unlike traditional methods that necessitate cumbersome equipment and constant supervision by healthcare professionals, Amma empowers patients to administer scalp-cooling treatments from the comfort of their own homes. This not only saves time and reduces costs but also affords patients a newfound sense of autonomy over their treatment journey.

Powered by RIGID’s custom liquid chilling technology, the Amma device delivers active cooling to patients’ scalps during chemotherapy sessions, effectively reducing cellular activity and minimizing the damaging effects of chemotherapy on hair follicles. By maintaining scalp temperatures at a therapeutic 65°F, Amma enables patients to preserve their hair while undergoing treatment—a small yet significant victory in the battle against cancer.

The collaboration with RIGID has been instrumental in realizing Cooler Heads’ vision of making scalp-cooling therapy accessible to all. By harnessing RIGID’s expertise in miniaturized, high-performance cooling systems, Cooler Heads has created a compact and efficient solution that can be used anywhere—whether in the comfort of one’s home or during a car ride home from treatment.

Central to this partnership is RIGID’s unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The custom liquid chilling modules developed by RIGID offer superior cooling capabilities in a compact form factor, allowing for extended usage times per charge and unparalleled convenience for patients.

Moreover, RIGID’s responsive customer support and willingness to tailor solutions to Cooler Heads’ specific requirements have cemented the partnership as a beacon of innovation and collaboration in the healthcare industry.


How Mini Water Chiller Work in Chemo Device?

The mini water chiller, provided by RIGID, plays a crucial role in the chemotherapy device developed by Cooler Heads. Here’s how it works:

  1. Cooling Mechanism: The mini water chiller operates by circulating chilled water through the cooling system of the chemotherapy device. This chilled water is used to lower the temperature of the scalp during chemotherapy sessions.
  2. Temperature Regulation: The chiller is designed to maintain a specific temperature, typically around 65°F (18°C), which is optimal for scalp cooling therapy. This temperature is achieved and maintained throughout the treatment session to ensure consistent and effective cooling.
  3. Compact Design: Unlike traditional cooling methods that may require bulky equipment, the mini water chiller is compact and lightweight. This allows for portability and ease of use, enabling patients to undergo scalp cooling therapy comfortably at home or during treatment sessions.
  4. Efficiency and Reliability: RIGID’s mini water chiller is known for its efficiency and reliability, ensuring consistent performance throughout the treatment process. Its durable construction and high-quality components make it suitable for long-term use in healthcare settings.
  5. Customization: The mini water chiller can be customized to meet the specific requirements of Cooler Heads’ chemotherapy device. This includes adjustments to cooling capacity, size, and other parameters to optimize performance and ensure compatibility with the overall system.

Overall, the mini water chiller serves as a vital component of Cooler Heads’ chemotherapy device, providing efficient and reliable cooling to help patients minimize the side effects of hair loss during treatment.

Liquid Chiller Working Principle


Customized & Design

At RIGID, we go beyond standard products to offer tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of our customers.

Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients to understand their specific applications and demands, crafting customized designs and services to address their challenges effectively.

Whether modifying existing products or developing entirely new solutions from scratch, we are dedicated to delivering innovative and reliable thermal management solutions that exceed expectations and drive success in every project. Feel free to contact the engineer!

Design process - RIGID


As Cooler Heads and RIGID continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in cancer treatment, their partnership stands as a testament to the transformative power of technology and compassion. Together, they are not only saving lives but also restoring hope and dignity to those battling cancer—a legacy that will resonate for years to come.

For cancer patients navigating the daunting journey of chemotherapy, Cooler Heads and RIGID offer a beacon of hope—a promise of comfort, control, and empowerment in the face of adversity. As Kate Dilligan aptly summarizes, “We have been very pleased with RIGID small cooling systems and service—a 10/10 partnership which has allowed us to carry out our mission to save lives.”

For more information about Cooler Heads, the Amma device, or resources for cancer patients, please visit the Cooler Heads website or reach out to the team directly.

Compact Liquid Chiller - RIGID HVAC

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