Keeping It Cool: Innovative Cooling Solutions for Electronics

Cooling Solutions for Electronics
Cooling Solutions for Electronics
  • Project: Develop a prototype and keep the electronics at a stable temperature.
  • Cooling Approach: Recirculating water-cooled
  • Demand: A Spanish company that specializes in electronics and medical devices is looking for a Recirculating Chiller that has a temperature controller. This small water chiller is intended to cool down 1 Liter of water of initial temperature 60℃ to 20 degrees Celsius in minutes.
  • Recommended product: Small Recirculating Chiller- QD25H110

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Small Recirculating Chiller- QD25H110

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Features-Recirculating Chiller QD25H110


When it comes to developing a prototype, maintaining the stability of your electronics is paramount. Heat dissipation is a crucial aspect of this process and for those aiming to keep their electronics at a stable temperature, a reliable cooling system is essential. In this blog post, we will explore an innovative cooling solution that uses an aluminum heat dissipator with circulating water to address your cooling needs, with a specific focus on the Recirculating Chiller QD25H110 model.


Application-Cooling Electronics

Electronic components generate heat during operation, and if not properly managed, this excess heat can lead to performance issues and even damage. In your case, you are dealing with electronics that produce 16W of heat power. To maintain them at a safe operating temperature, you need an efficient cooling system.


Solution: Recirculating Chiller QD25H110

The Recirculating Chiller QD25H110 is a promising solution for your cooling requirements. It utilizes an aluminum heat dissipator with circulating water to effectively dissipate heat from your electronics. Here are some key features and specifications:

  • Cooling Power: The chiller provides the necessary cooling power of 16W to match your electronics’ heat generation.
  • Flow Rate: A flow rate of 0.8 liters per minute is sufficient to maintain the desired temperature.
  • Temperature Control: While the standard chiller does not include temperature control, it offers the flexibility to add a thermostat if needed. This allows you to precisely regulate and maintain the temperature of the circulating water.


Efficiency and Speed

One of the critical factors in your project is the time it takes to reach the target temperature of 20°C from an initial temperature of 60°C. The Recirculating Chiller QD25H110 can achieve this in just 2 minutes, ensuring rapid cooling for your electronics.


Compliance with Regulatory Standards

As your project is associated with a medical device company and you are based in Spain, regulatory compliance is vital. The Recirculating Chiller QD25H110 does not mention specific certifications like the CE mark or UL in the provided information. Therefore, it is crucial to reach out to the manufacturer or supplier to confirm if it meets the required regulatory standards for your medical device application.

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Considering future production needs, it’s essential to evaluate whether the chosen cooling solution can scale up to meet higher demands. In your case, if further purchases are contemplated, you should discuss the scalability of the Recirculating Chiller QD25H110 with the manufacturer or supplier to ensure it can accommodate your future requirements.



In the realm of electronics development, maintaining stable temperatures is a critical aspect of ensuring optimal performance and longevity. The Recirculating Chiller QD25H110 offers a promising solution for cooling electronics with its efficient cooling power, rapid temperature control, and flexibility to add a thermostat for precise temperature regulation. However, it’s essential to verify its compliance with regulatory standards, especially when dealing with medical device applications. By leveraging innovative cooling solutions like this, your prototype can pave the way for successful production in the medical device industry.



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