Energy Storage System Development with Stirling Cryocoolers

Deep low temperature on research and development on energy storage systems


  • Project: Energy Storage Systems
  • Cooling Approach: Stirling Cryogenic
  • Demand: An American company needs to achieve ultra-low temperatures of -99℃ in their laboratory, mainly for the research and development of thermal energy storage systems. The company is a leader in the research and development of energy storage systems. Their battery experts provide boutique experiential test lab services and custom solutions to investors, startups and established companies.
  • Recommended product: Stirling Cryocooler RS40 & RS100.

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Revolutionizing Energy Storage Research: RIGID’s Stirling Cryocoolers and Real-World Feedback



The American customer is a leading player in energy storage system research and development, offering specialized empirical test lab services and customized solutions to a diverse clientele, including investors, startups, and established corporations. They have purchased Stirling Cryocoolers RS40 and RS100 from RIGID company.

The customer initially faced a challenge when the RS40 control board malfunctioned due to improper operation but successfully adapted the RS100 control board to operate the RS40 with slight modifications. Despite budget constraints, the RS40 meets their low-temperature needs, achieving a minimum temperature of -99℃. While acknowledging the superior performance of the RS100, cost limitations led them to make the most of the RS40, demonstrating resourcefulness and adaptability as a small business.



In the ever-evolving landscape of energy storage systems, research and development serve as the engines of progress. Our boutique empirical test lab proudly leads the way, offering tailor-made solutions to investors, startups, and established corporations. Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art technology and solutions for your energy storage endeavors. In this blog, we’ll delve into how RIGID’s Stirling Cryocoolers, specifically the RS40 and RS100 models, have left an indelible mark on our work, along with invaluable feedback from one of our satisfied customers.

Cryocooler for energy storage systems
Energy storage system research and development in the lab.



Stirling Cryocoolers: Unveiling the Cooling Revolution


Our exploration starts with RIGID’s Stirling Cryocoolers, the RS40 and RS100. These cooling marvels have redefined our experimental processes, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Let’s see how these coolers have played a pivotal role:

FPSC Stirling Cryocooler-RIGID HVAC
FPSC Stirling Cryocooler-RIGID HVAC


Customer Feedback: Real-World Insights


Before we delve into our experience, let’s hear from one of our customers, a true innovator in energy storage research:

“The cooling effect of Stirling refrigerator RS40 can meet our experimental needs. During the simulation experiment, the RS40 control board burned up due to my improper operation. I use the control board of the RS100 Stirling machine to control the RS40 Stirling. By reducing the operating voltage from 24v to 19v and adding a series inductor, the RS100 controller works perfectly for my needs on the RS40 cooler.”

In this candid feedback, our customer highlights the adaptability of RIGID’s Stirling Cryocoolers to real-world challenges, showcasing the RS100’s ability to seamlessly control the RS40.

Controller of Stirling Cryocooler RS100
Controller of Stirling Cryocooler RS100


Meeting Experimental Needs:

As our customer mentioned, the RS40 Stirling Cryocooler delivers a cooling effect that aligns perfectly with our experimental requirements. This efficiency has allowed us to attain astonishingly low temperatures, reaching as far as -99℃ in our laboratory.


Cost-Effective Solutions:

Budget considerations are critical, especially for small businesses. Our customer emphasizes that while the RS100 offers more power, the RS40 more than suffices for our needs without straining our finances.


Creative Customization:

Innovation often thrives in the face of constraints. Despite limited resources, we managed to adapt the 40w controllers to meet our test requirements, demonstrating the flexibility of RIGID’s cryocoolers.


A Thriving Partnership:

Our journey with RIGID’s Stirling Cryocoolers has been a testament to the power of collaboration. As a small business, we cherish the support we receive from companies like RIGID, which enables us to explore the frontiers of energy storage research.



In the world of energy storage systems, innovation is the driving force. RIGID’s Stirling Cryocoolers have proven to be invaluable assets on this journey. From adaptability to cost-effectiveness and creative customization, these cryocoolers have empowered us to achieve remarkable results. As we continue to redefine the landscape of energy storage, we remain confident in RIGID’s ability to provide reliable and efficient cooling solutions.

If you’re engaged in energy storage research and development, the Stirling Cryocoolers from RIGID should be on your radar. Reach out to us ( to discover more about our journey and how these coolers can elevate your projects. Together, we can forge the future of energy storage, guided by real-world feedback and innovation.



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