Successful Thermal Management To Battery Packs of Electric Vehicle



  • Project: BTS Battery Banks
  • Cooling Approach: Active Air Cooling
  • Demand: Looking for a thermal solution to maintain the battery operating temperature between 20 to 25 degrees Celsius
  • Background: One client company from the United States has experience in the power, telecommunication, and oil/gas industries. They supply and install battery banks. Some of their BTS battery banks have decreased capacity due to high temperatures. They are looking for a compact AC system to maintain the battery temperature between 20-25 degrees Celsius. 

Air Thermal Management – Micro DC Aircon

Micro DC Aircon-Cool

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RIGID Cooling, a company specializing in thermal solutions, offers an innovative approach to cooling electric vehicles during charging. By utilizing vapor compressor cooling systems, RIGID provides effective thermal conditioning for the vehicle’s energy storage.

The RIGID cooling systems are versatile and can be applied in various scenarios. At a charging station, the system receives thermal information about the energy storage. It then supplies electric energy to the energy storage during a charging session. Additionally, based on the received thermal information, the system provides thermal conditioning to the energy storage throughout the charging session.

Efficient heat management is particularly crucial during fast charging processes, as the entire charging station tends to heat up significantly. To address this, RIGID offers a compact and portable liquid chiller equipped with a miniature DC compressor, evaporator, and water tank. This setup is ideal for water cooling, ensuring efficient temperature control in a convenient and space-saving manner.



Active Air Cooling To EV Battery


RIGID Micro DC Aircon revolutionizes portable air conditioning for EVs by offering the world’s smallest air conditioning module specifically designed for cooling EV battery air.

This innovative technology effectively eliminates heat from the surrounding air, which is then circulated through the system to cool down the targeted heat source. The Micro DC Aircon is particularly well-suited for critical applications where limited space and weight considerations are of utmost importance. Its compact size makes it an ideal choice for cooling in compact and confined spaces.

The DC Air conditioning systems provided by RIGID are perfectly suited for cooling large heat loads while requiring minimal system modification. The mini compressor air conditioner delivers exceptional cooling capabilities, making it an ideal solution when factors such as size, space, and efficiency are critical considerations.



Micro DC Aircon Key Features:


  • Compact and Hassle-Free Installation: The integrated design includes a miniature compressor, micro-channel condenser, mini radiator, and fans & blowers, eliminating the need for additional engineering work.
  • Lightweight and Portable: With a low-weight design, the Micro DC Aircon is extremely portable, allowing for easy transportation and installation.
  • Low Voltage and Proven Safety: The system operates at low voltages (12V / 24V / 48V), minimizing risks and ensuring a safe operation.
  • Low Noise: The low noise operation makes the Micro DC Aircon suitable for various environments such as offices, hospitals, and homes.
  • Small Footprint: The compact size enables easy integration into small spaces where the available room is limited.
  • High Capacity: Despite its small size, the Micro DC Aircon delivers a high cooling capacity comparable to systems five times its size.
  • High Efficiency: The system features high efficiency with low power draw, resulting in less energy consumption and reduced heat rejection.
  • High Reliability: With its dependable design, the Micro DC Aircon requires less maintenance and leads to fewer service calls, ensuring reliable performance.
  • Variable Speed: The system offers variable speed control, allowing for precise temperature stability based on specific needs and preferences.

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Micro DC Aircon Sketch and Working Principle


Micro DC Aircon

EV battery cooling


More Thermal Management to EV Batteries


The RIGID liquid cooling system offers several advantages, including its compact size, lightweight construction, low voltage requirement, and ease of installation. This efficient cooling system operates by consistently circulating a low-temperature coolant, effectively dissipating a substantial amount of heat at a uniform pace. Designed specifically to complement battery systems, this type of cooling system incorporates integrated channels that facilitate the circulation of coolant around the battery.

Compared to air cooling methods, the RIGID liquid cooling system demands minimal or no auxiliary power, while its ability to absorb greater amounts of heat surpasses that of air cooling, resulting in superior overall effectiveness and heightened energy efficiency.

Furthermore, it is possible to equip each battery with a sensor that measures key parameters such as voltage, capacity, and temperature within the cell. These measurements are crucial for the battery management system, which maintains communication with the cooling system and adjusts its operations accordingly to suit the specific requirements of the situation.


Battery Cooling System



Back in 2010, we introduced the RIGID miniature dc compressor to the Chinese market. Our goal was to bring a new refrigeration solution that combined performance with a small size.

In 2016, we established the RIGID brand and started working on our first DC compressor. Our team of experts dedicated years to developing innovative solutions, resulting in the world’s smallest cooling systems. Today, you have a range of options to choose from, and we’re ready to customize a compact cooling system for any application you need.

Here’s what you can expect from us:

  1. We work closely with you right from the start. We carefully listen to your requirements and suggest the most suitable small cooling systems for your specific needs.
  2. We offer worldwide delivery. Our experts have a quick turnaround time for designing cooling systems, and we’re prepared to send our devices to any location around the globe, ensuring they arrive promptly.
  3. We prioritize exceptional quality at competitive prices. At RIGID, we use top-quality components in our products, guaranteeing value for your money and impressive durability. Moreover, we strive to offer competitive prices that fit your budget.

Compact Cooling Systems - RIGID HVAC

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