Tiny Chiller with Cold Caps for Hair Preservation for Chemotherapy Patients


Chemotherapy is a common course of treatment for cancer patients. These sessions involve using drugs to annihilate cancer cells. That includes killing the existing ones, which prevents them from dividing and growing.


The problem with chemotherapy is that it uses strong medicines. That can result in unpleasant side effects, including hair loss. Chemo is already physically and mentally exhausting, and losing your hair can be devastating news. Fortunately, there is something that can help with this problem, and those are cold caps for hair preservation.


The caps work by operating at a low temperature. That means they require a cooler that will maintain that temperature level. Due to the device’s compact size, the cooling solution needs to be small, too. That’s why RIGID developed a unique mini chiller for cold caps and other applications. Our product is versatile, reliable, and easy to integrate into virtually any device. In this guide, we’ll talk more about its use in cold caps. If you are interested in using our tiny cooler, don’t hesitate to keep reading and learn more about its working process!


Plate Liquid Chiller


What You Should Know About Cold Cap Therapy

Before we continue to the working process of the mini cooler, let’s learn a bit more about cold caps. Chemotherapy can lead to hair loss as one of its side effects, and that occurrence is quite common. For a long time, the wig has been the only solution. The scientists were working on how to find a solution, and that’s how cold caps emerged as a potential option.


The idea behind the cold cap is to lower the temperature of your scalp. By inducing hypothermia, your blood vessels in that region would constrict. If they constrict, that means there’s less room for the medicines that are a part of chemo to enter those vessels. That means not as many drugs would even reach hair follicles. Subsequently, that increases the chance of preserving them and avoiding hair loss.


From the patient’s perspective, they need to wear caps before, during, and after chemotherapy. The experts suggest wearing it about an hour before the session while the therapy is in progress and at least an hour after it finishes. Cold caps aren’t a pleasant experience at first since scalp cooling requires these devices to operate at low temperatures (0℃ or 32F).


Most patients report that they have an unpleasant feeling once they start wearing the cap. However, they also indicate that it goes away in several minutes as you get accustomed to the low temperature. Additionally, they mention they don’t mind the awkward feeling as long as they preserve their hair.


The research supports that scalp cooling can deliver the expected results. That’s why we notice an increasing trend of using these devices in patients worldwide.

Cold Caps for Hair Preservation
Scalp-Cooling Caps Help Prevent Hair


Why a Mini Chiller Can Prove Vital for Cold Caps Systems

Cold cap chemotherapy patients use relies on scalp cooling. That means it all depends on the temperature levels. Not only should the device lower the heat to the desired degree, which is 0℃ (32F). It’s also necessary that the temperature maintains that level without any significant changes while the patient is wearing the cap. That makes finding a reliable chilling system the crucial component of any scalp cooling treatment.


RIGID developed unique liquid coolers that can help to achieve that goal. The product is reliable since it uses a proven refrigerant. The consistent performance will ensure that the temperature stays at the desired level for as long as necessary. And the best part is that you can have the option of choosing the preferred heat level.


Let’s take a look at the main features that the RIGID mini chiller has and how they fit caps for chemo patients perfectly!


It Acts as a Cooling Subsystem

The experts would call this DX – direct expansion. RIGID coolers are nothing else but subsystems. That means they work as a part of a bigger system. In this case, that would be a cold cap product. In other words, you would install RIGID coolers as an integrated component of your cold caps. This integration can be a huge space saver.


Its Compact Size Is a Huge Advantage

The cold cap itself should be light enough for the patient to wear it effortlessly on their heads. Another thing to consider is that the overall device size should be compact enough to move around easily. That’s why each pound and every inch of space matter in these applications.


RIGID made sure that performance remained the top priority. Our team never compromised the efficiency of our fluid chillers for the sake of reducing their size. However, we researched and developed different solutions for years with the goal of decreasing size while maintaining superb performance. That’s why we are proud of what we achieved with our tiny cooler.


The size of our LC3220E-H model is 330x200x138mm. That’s roughly 13×7.9×5.4 inches, which means you get a tiny cooler. Depending on the specifications you pick, its weight shouldn’t go over 7.5 pounds, which is only 3.5 kilograms. That makes RIGID’s chiller suitable for a wide variety of laboratory equipment and other medical applications.


Patients Will Appreciate the Portability

We already mentioned that a compact cooling system minimizes the hassle of transport. That’s important for those providing cold caps to the patients, but also patients themselves. If you have to wear a cold cap for hours, and that’s what chemo conditions require, you want it to be as light as possible.


A compact cooling solution contributes to the patient’s mobility. They will be able to move around freely while wearing the cold cap. It’s important because it can help to avoid potential stress from having to remain in a single position while wearing the device.


Here are some other things that patients can try to ease the awkward feeling when using cold caps:

  • Put on your earphones and listen to the music you love. You can also play an interesting podcast or whatever works to take your mind off wearing the cap.
  • Drink a hot tea during the process. Tea can help to warm you up, while it could also deliver other beneficial effects for your health.
  • Use layers and an electric heat pad. You can wear a poncho or multiple sweaters. The heat pads are also convenient to ensure your legs stay warm.

Your Reliable Cooling Solution

As mentioned before, the compact size doesn’t affect the performance. The best way to see that is to assess how much the RIGID mini chiller can decrease the temperature in caps for chemo patients.


The first thing to note is that the product can operate at ambient temperatures up to 60℃ (140F). If it happens that the device detects a higher temperature, it will automatically turn off. That’s the system’s way of preventing overheating and potential issues. But when it comes to cold caps, this is irrelevant. No person wearing a cap will be in a room that exceeds the maximum allowed ambient temperature. That means you can count on reliable and consistent cooling performance from RIGID chillers.


Now, when it comes to how much it can lower the temperature, the product operates at 4-45℃ (39-113F) by the factory setting. This suits a variety of medical applications, but what about cold caps? These caps require a temperature of 0℃ to ensure efficient scalp cooling. The good news is that RIGDI can readjust their mini coolers effortlessly. That way, they will suit the demands of cold cap systems. They will be able to achieve the desired scalp cooling level. You can count on our fluid chillers to give an excellent performance to ensure the cold cap can produce the expected results.


And there’s no worry about how long RIGID coolers can maintain the desired temperature. After years of research, we constructed a system that’s reliable in keeping the heat at the desired level. If you’d like to learn more, here is a detailed explanation of the cooler’s working process.


Plate Compact Liquid Chiller Module-Drawing

Plate liquid chiller drawing

The simple explanation is that fluid chillers are circulatory cooling systems. These have numerous parts that allow taking the heat and pushing it through the system to cool down the temperature. The process is ongoing, which is how the device maintains the desired temperature as long as it’s active.


The key components of RIGID liquid coolers include a compressor, evaporator, filter driver, driver board, and fans. The compressor is imperative to maintain the system’s performance. Our experts made sure that the compressor is brushless and uses DC energy. You can pick between 12V, 24V, and 48V to ensure optimal performance.


As for the evaporator, you can choose between three different categories:

  • Plate and frame liquid chillers.
  • Copper or stainless coil
  • Coaxial stainless steel pipe

Your system will also have a DC fan, refrigerant, and other compacts necessary for the device to work. It’s possible to pick between a normal or reversible valve. When it comes to cooling caps, it’s enough to use a normal valve. That’s because that component allows only circulatory cooling, which is what the caps for chemo patients require.


It’s worth noting that we also designed a reversible valve that allows our chillers to have a heating function. That maximizes their versatility and increases the range of applications the cooler can accommodate.


A Detailed Explanation of the Working Process

Liquid Chiller Working Principle


RIGID tiny coolers use a proven refrigerant. Depending on your requirements, we can recommend a suitable option. The products use flow control for the liquid refrigerant to ensure optimal cooling. The receiver is the first stop where the liquid refrigerant goes. This component receives high-heat and high-pressurized compounds.


The valve now uses flow control to decrease the pressure of the liquid to the one that the evaporator has. Once in the evaporator, the refrigerant will be cooler than the region where it should decrease the temperature. An important thing to note is that liquid vaporization will occur to achieve this goal. It all happens inside the system, which means you won’t see it with a bare eye.


Now that the liquid is in the evaporator, it’s vital to keep it at a steady temperature. The pressure should also be optimal since the heat will proceed to the vaporizing liquid via the wall of the evaporator. The evaporator will continue to vaporize the refrigerant until it turns into vapor completely. That means the air won’t have any moisture because the coil will condense it.


The system will have a condensate pan underneath the coil. The goal of this component is to collect any water if dripping occurs. You can use a hose or tube to process that water into the drain. Some systems might require a pump. That’s necessary if the pan is at a higher level than the dripping water. The pump will move the water to the pan. On the other hand, if the pan is underneath the water, it will naturally move down, which makes the entire process easier.


What Do the Evaporator and the Condenser Do?

The evaporator now created vapor from the liquid. Its next stop is the compressor, which is the crucial component of the liquid chillers. The compressor’s goal is exactly that – to compress the vapor. Once the compressing occurs, the temperature and the pressure will increase. Finally, the compressor will send the vapor into its path to the condenser coil.


You’ll notice a fan that is close to the coil. The fan is an integral component in this part of the process. It cools down the air, and that allows decreasing the heat level. You’ll notice that the condenser gets rid of the heat gradually. As it does that, the vapor becomes liquid again. The coil will push the vapor out, which will now be cool and condensed.


The next stop for the vapor is the receiver. You’ll notice that’s actually the point from where the vapor started its journey. The vapor will continue circulating as long as the system is active.


What Makes RIGID Liquid Coolers a Smart Choice?

RIGID is a company with a long tradition. It was first established in 2010, and the current brand was launched in 2016. The idea behind rebranding was to make the product more open to customers worldwide.


Our team put a lot of effort into research and analyzed the best possible solutions for the cooling requirements in different applications. The conclusion was that a mini chiller that is lightweight and performs reliably could maximize the versatility of these devices. Our experts worked hard to develop the liquid chillers that would accommodate these requests. We managed to decrease the size while maintaining the same cooling performance. Here is an overview of the features that our liquid coolers have!


DC Compressor That Secures Peak Performance

A brushless compressor is among the components of our cooling systems that we are most proud of. That’s because it ensures consistent performance while maintaining an impressively low noise level. Depending on the actual system specifications, the noise might not even exceed 40dBa. That’s the level of voice you use when talking in a library.


It’s needless to say why that’s important for the cold caps for chemotherapy. Chemo patients will appreciate the low level of noise. Loud motors might disrupt their calmness and make them feel nervous. That will never happen with RIGID liquid chillers. They will do their job while staying discreet and not disrupting anyone with noise.


Pick the Required Strength

The fantastic thing about our tiny chillers is that you can adjust them to your application. The strength can vary from 100W to 550W. That means the motor will have just enough power for your requirements. It implies you won’t overspend on motors that are too powerful without the actual need for that in your application. On the other hand, you’ll also ensure that there’s sufficient strength to do the required job.


A Digital Controller to Set Everything

RIGID made sure to include simple control of your chilling systems. That’s why the devices come with a digital display controller. You can adjust the motor speed to the requirements. The speed varies from 2,000 to 6,000 RPM, depending on the application. The good news for cold caps is that there won’t be much need for adjustment. The desired temperature is 0℃, which means that’s the preferred setting. Once you adjust everything to that heat level, you only need to make sure to activate the device when you are using it.


Excellent Value for Money

At RIGID, we make sure that each product meets and exceeds clients’ expectations. You can rest assured that we only use premium components for our products, and the same applies to every cooling system. Our team provides a warranty on each product, which means that we guarantee it will perform at the expected level. That’s proof that our units are made only from premium materials and substances.


Customizing the Device to Your Needs

A tiny chiller for cold caps used in chemotherapy has specific requirements. You need it to be able to cool down the temperature to 0℃ and maintain it at that level. Due to the specifics of the application, you don’t need a heating system. That means we’ll implement a normal and not reversible valve in your product. Thanks to that, you can stick only to the cooling and watch the device impress with the performance every time. But if you have a different application that requires cooling and heating, don’t hesitate to reach us. Our chillers have a heating function, too, which ensures maximum versatility.


At RIGID, we will customize the chilling system to suit the specific needs of your application. You can pick between multiple voltage options for the compressor. It’s also possible to get different cooling capacities based on the application. That’s what makes our fluid chillers incredibly versatile. You’ll find them in medical and laboratory equipment, but also in the military, domestic, and many other products.


Can Cold Caps Be Effective for Preserving Hair in Chemotherapy Patients?

The experts seem to note encouraging results regarding preventing hair loss during chemo by using cold caps. The actual efficiency always depends on the individual. If you want to maximize the odds of the scalp cooling approach succeeding, you need to ensure the system performs well.


That means it should deliver reliable performance and actively maintain the target temperature.  It’s where RIGID chillers come into play because they are up for this task. The unique circulatory cooling solution ensures consistent performance, which is crucial for cold caps.


Contact Us Today to Place Your Tiny Chiller Order

Chemotherapy is stressful enough for patients. The potential idea of losing hair and going bold in the process can only further affect the patient’s mental state. With the help of cold caps, chemo patients can decrease or completely avoid hair loss. It’s a proven medical approach that utilizes scalp cooling to help you keep your hair.


RIGID mini coolers can deliver the level of performance cold caps require. They can lower and maintain the scalp temperature at the desired level. Considering their small size, our chillers are incredibly powerful. If you feel that our mini coolers are the right fit for your application, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our experts are ready to assist, design, and customize a cooling solution that fits your product!


FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Will Your Tiny Chiller Be a Part of Cold Cap System?

Yes, a RIGID mini cooler can be integrated into your application. It acts as a subsystem, which ensures it doesn’t take more than the absolutely necessary room for its placement.


Can RIGID Mini Chiller Reach the Required Temperature of 0℃ for Cold Caps?

Yes, we can adjust the entire solution to suit your application. That means the mini chiller can reach and maintain 0℃ for as long as necessary. RIGID coolers accommodate different applications, which makes them very versatile.


Can I Order RIGID Tiny Coolers from Anywhere in the World?

Yes, we are proud of having a global delivery system. We use DHL/UPS/FedEx door-to-door shipping to ensure the shipment reaches your address in the specified timeframe. Sample units are available from our Online Store.

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