Truck DC Air Conditioner

If you run in business related to transportation and there are many heavy vehicles like trucks that do not have air conditioning.

If you are looking for the truck dc air conditioner to alternative traditional belt-driven gasoline aircon.

If you’re a 4-wheeling, mud-slinging off-road enthusiast, you not only thrive on getting out of tough situations, you seek them out.

RIGID has the solution!

Truck air conditioner unit


Nowadays, most people’s daily life have to face fuel consumption, especially heavy-duty vehicles like truck drivers or long-distance truck transportation drivers.

Those drivers have to face terrible working conditions during summer.

Plus, transportation company owners have to face more fuel consumption.

For some transportation companies, in order to reduce the transport cost and in the meantime to bring a comfortable cool breeze for truck drivers in the hot summer, they begin to turn to portable dc air conditioners- a more economic way.

They seek for a heavy-duty compressor that can handle tough jobs in tough situations, has anti-vibration, high reliability, and powerful cooling capacity, more important, can be driven by a battery that ensures you enjoy chill freeze even during parking.

Now, you should outfit your truck vehicle with a compact and portable aircon with a DC compressor.

RIGID CHILL, as the leading miniature dc compressor manufacturer and supplier in China, has been looking for novel solutions for compact and portable refrigeration applications.

We not only supply miniature dc compressors and small cooling systems but also help customers solve truck air conditioning problems.

RIGID’s parking coolers have MT-HS23P  air conditioners, especially for the truck cabin.

Here you will see our MT series truck cabin DC air conditioner introduction.


Power Options

Extremely powerful, rugged, yet efficient and portable.

RIGID truck aircon uses Sanyo DC compressors, which are the perfect companion for trucks, electric vehicles, off-road, grab or excavators and other heavy-duty vehicles.

Since the RIGID air conditioner kit is portable, runs on battery power, and you can go anywhere.

You have five DC (direct current) options: 12V, 24V, 48V, 60V, and 72V air compressors.

For light-duty applications like filling tires and using your existing battery system, go with a 12-volt compressor.

For serious jobs like changing out tires or fixing suspension components using air tools, you’re going to want something more powerful like that a 24-volt compressor.


How is RIGID Truck Air Conditioner?

RIGID portable truck DC aircon is also a kind of parking cooler.

At present, there are two models are available: MT-XS23P and MT-HS23P, their cooling capacity is 2400W and 2300W respectively.

They contain two parts, one is a condenser installed outside vehicles ( rooftop mounted or somewhere) for heat air ventilation, and the other part is an air cooler installed inside the cabin to breeze cool air.

Runs on DC powered 12/24/48/60/72 volt, R134a Eco-friendly refrigerant.

The compact battery-driven system is the perfect solution for overnight rest in the truck cabin.

Depending on the model, they can also be used to maintain a comfortable environment inside the cabin during loading and unloading operations as well as compulsory stoppage periods.

It is a high-performance complete air conditioning system for on-road or off-road vehicles.

As a no-idle electrical system, the RIGID DC air conditioner (parking cooler) is the best choice to help cut fuel expenses and reduce CO2 emissions.

MT-HS23P aircon

MT-HS23P aircon




 Advantages of Truck DC Air Conditioner

  • Completely electrical power
  • Reduced fuel expenses
  • Reduces maintenance
  • to idle, the less maintenance they require
  • 100% environmentally friendly – by shutting the engine off during parking
  • Battery operation, drivers prevent atmospheric emissions of CO2
  • Comfortable rest in the vehicle cab, which contributes to road safety
  • Install without touching the vehicle engine, simple installation
  • Operational with the engine switched ON or OFF
  • Easy mounting without drilling the cab on trucks with a hatch

This standalone air conditioning unit is designed to cool down the truck cabin during the driver’s overnight rest periods and during loading and unloading operations. It can be used while parking.

Air Conditioner


RIGID MT DC Air Conditioner Applications:

The MT series dc air conditioner designed by RIGID Technology has features of powerful cooling capacity and excellent reliability even used for on-road trucks, its anti-vibration design ensures RIGID dc aircon kit operates without any side effects.

Installing RIGID compact dc aircon, it saves a bunch of owner’s fuel costs, as well as maintenance costs.

It is more suitable for those who want to reduce more fuel consumption and focus on eco-friendly conditions!

According to the testing and calculating by our technicists, the RIGID portable dc air conditioner saves about 3000-gallon fuel per year for heavy-duty vehicles.

We also know that in some countries enact the law said that when the truck stops, its engine must be off. The driver couldn’t bear hot environment.

Now RIGID parking cooler has the solution. It is powered by a battery, making cooling continue to bring the driver comfortable cool air even the truck engine is off!

Besides, for those long-distance transportation truck drivers, when night comes, they sometimes have to face two choices: go to the hotel to relax or sleep on truck to save the hotel cost.

So the electric truck cabin air conditioner can help save a lot of money and give drivers comfortable conditions during the relaxing time.

  • All kinds of truck cabins
  • Mining trucks, sweepers, forklifts
  • Construction machinery, such as excavators
  • EV, RV, vans, minibus
  • Agricultural machineries, tractors



RIGID Truck DC Air Conditioner Features:

  1. Saving 3000 Gallon Fuel per Year

RIGID portable dc air conditioner is battery driven powered aircon. Compared with vehicle engine truck cab air conditioners, it can save more fuel per year.


  1. Continues Cooling during Engine off

Guchen Ecooler 12 volt truck cab air conditioner for trailer (or 24 volt) is also called as No Idle truck ac or no idle air conditioner. It means that when truck engine stops, but cooling can continue!


  1. Dismountable Filter Screen in Return Air Inlet

RIGID electric air conditioner for truck cab has a dismountable filter screen in return air inlet, so you can clean it regularly in case the dust blocking return air inlet. So it is a very convenient design for users, who can clean it for more fresh cool air.


  1. Small Size and Light Weight

The RIGID DC Aircon is very compact size for cars. It only takes up to 0.02 m³ (0.7 cu ft) and saving space much more.


  1. No Noise& No Fuel Consumption

There are very little shock for RIGID DC Air Conditioner. It provides truck cab air conditioning and no noise, which gives the truck driver a pleasant condition.


  1. Easy to Install

RIGID DC Air Conditioner comes with detailed and simple installation manual for customers. And the MT series parking cooler is very easy to install, even for those who have no idea on how to install it can install it on the truck cab easily.


Usege of RIGID MT Series Truck DC Air Conditioner

  1. RIGID MT series truck cabin DC air conditioners can apply on all of truck cabins, excavators, tractors, agricultural machinery etc.

Truck Air Conditioner Unit

2. Here is RIGID DC 24 volt air conditioner . It applies to the heavy duty excavator in Dubai market. Our customer, Mr. Ahmed as an owner of one heavy duty truck rental company, is very satisfied with this model of air conditioner. The local ambient temperature is up to 55℃+, and the air conditioner blow the cool air with a high performance.



3. Here is RIGID DC Air conditioner. It is used for the mining trucks in Iran, with the fresh air system and dismountable filter screen in return air inlet, it is very suitable for the mining trucks, customers can clean the air blowing fan easily. It is very convenient to clean and disassemble, so it will not block the air inlet, and also the fresh air system can keep the air fresh in the truck cabin.

4. Here is RIGID dc air conditioner module DV series DV3220E-AC.  It’s a sub-system, and specially used for small RV (Recreational Vehicle) or EV (Electrical Vehicles) or vans. It connects to 12 volt or 24 volt DC powered battery. With a 550W cooling capacity, it widely applies to small and confined space cooling less than 1.5 cubic meters. Its advantage is ultra compact size and world’s lightest weight, enable it installed in anywhere where space and weight is critical for end users.


Micro DC aircon



Why Choose RIGID DC Air Conditioner?

  1. SANYO world’s brand DC Compressor;
  2. No Fuel, No Noice, Anti-Vibration;
  3. Spare parts free charge in 2 years;
  4. RIGID has reliable cooperation with parts suppliers, such as Sanyo, Bitzer and Danfoss, which can offer customer a high quality products and assurance;
  5. Our experienced technicians and design engineers are capable of analyzing client’s needs and designing the most suitable plant configuration to satisfy the project specifications.


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