RIGID Achieves TÜV Rheinland TUV-CE Certification


RIGID Passes TUV Rheinland TUV-CE Certification for DC Compressors
RIGID Passes TUV Rheinland TUV-CE Certification for DC Compressors


[2024-05-23] – RIGID, a pioneer in the miniature compressor industry, is proud to announce that its Motor Compressor (R290 DC Miniature Compressor) product series has received the esteemed TUV Rheinland TUV-CE certification, demonstrating compliance with the EN IEC 61000-6-3:21 standards and the EC Council Directive (EU) 2014/30 on Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC).

The EN IEC 61000 standards define the acceptable limits of electromagnetic interference (EMI) in any electrical or electronic system, ensuring that devices operate without disrupting nearby communication systems or adjacent devices. The certification by TUV Rheinland, a renowned international third-party testing and certification organization headquartered in Germany, confirms that RIGID’s products meet these rigorous standards.

“RIGID is proud to be among the first brands to receive the TUV Rheinland Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) test certification,” said Hoo Pan, CEO of RIGID LTD.

“This recognition from a respected independent organization confirms that RIGID meets the stringent requirements of EN IEC 61000. This is a significant milestone in our commitment to product quality and innovation.”

An EMC test assesses both the electromagnetic interference (EMI) generated by electronic products and their ability to withstand electromagnetic interference from other sources, a measure known as electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS).

“EMC testing is a critical indicator of product quality,” remarked a representative of TUV Rheinland.

“It ensures that electronic products operate reliably without causing or being affected by electromagnetic disturbances.”


RIGID’s commitment to excellence and innovation is reflected in this certification, positioning the company as a leader in the global micro refrigeration industry. As one of the first brands of miniature DC inverter compressors to pass EN IEC 61000-based tests and obtain TUV Rheinland EMC certification, RIGID continues to set high standards in product quality and reliability.



RIGID is a rapidly growing company with a leading position in the global micro refrigeration industry. Known for its innovation and willingness to embrace challenges, RIGID operates in more than 120 markets worldwide. According to data from China’s HVAC market, RIGID ranked first in China and second globally in micro-refrigeration sector sales in 2023. We focus on the development and manufacturing of advanced micro refrigeration technologies, including micro DC inverter compressors, eco-friendly R290 DC compressors, and compact refrigeration modules and systems.

For more information, please visit RIGID’s website.

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