Vertical Farming Cooling System


The indoor vertical farming market is a growing industry that requires adequate environmental controls to maintain the right temperature and humidity levels. Evaporative HVAC cooling technologies play a key role. A major part of this is the controlled use of environmental factors such as airflow, light, humidity, temperature, and fertigation.

To keep healthy and productive growth in vertical farming, the proper temperature of chilled water must be recirculated. RIGID company is a reliable vertical farming water system supplier. We are the manufacturer who is behind many famous vertical farming brands. Today, RIGID Technology has developed two solutions for home smart farming: Micro DC Aircon (air-cooled) and Compact Water Chiller (water-cooled). These custom vertical farming climate developments lead to extremely efficient use of space, water, and nutrients.

RIGID compact Water Chiller Systems can be well integrated into the vast number of laser chillers in the market. They are widely used in medical laser equipment, laser cutting machine, marking machines, engraving machines, CO2 laser glass tubes, semiconductors, CO2 radio frequency tube lasers, and fiber lasers.

  • Micro DC Aircon-Cool

Micro DC Aircon


  • DC Air Conditioner Unit (Air-cool)
  • 12V /24V /48V DC
  • Refrigerant: R134a / R290
  • Adopts BLDC compressor
  • Capacity: 100W~ 550W
  • Temperature Range: 5℃ ~ 20℃ (41℉~68℉)
  • Features: Small, rugged, lightweight, and affordable cost.

Compact Water Chiller


  • Compact Water Chillers (Water-cool)
  • 12V /24V /48V DC
  • Refrigerant: R134a / R290
  • Adopts BLDC compressor
  • Capacity: 100W~ 550W
  • Temperature Range: ±20℃ (-4~68℉)
  • Features: Small, reliable, efficient, and affordable cost.
  • liquid chillers
  • Vertical Farming Cooling System

Vertical Farming Water Treatment System


  • Air-cooled & Recirculating Water Chilled.
  • Efficient High-Power BLDC Mini Compressor.
  • Micro HVAC systems easily integrated into hydroponics devices.
  • DC compressor allows precise temperature control & adjustments.

Vertical Farming Water Loop System


RIGID offers bespoke vertical farming water treatment solutions that are designed and built specifically to the needs of your product, giving you greater control over the atmosphere as well as providing you with the precise requirements you require for maximizing your yield.

RIGID HVAC systems use cooling technology to minimize energy costs. Our refrigeration systems are compact, lightweight with the smallest footprint, battery-driven, as well as energy-efficient. Today, RIGID cooling systems have been widely applied to many industries like Seeds, Verbs, Vertical Farm, Hydroponics, and Indoor Agriculture.

The experience we’ve gained from both vertical farming and pharmaceutical industries allows us to provide optimum cooling systems at precisely the right time in the most energy-efficient manner.

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