Wine Beverage Cooling Units


RIGID small Water Cooling Unit is a better value choice for those small wine cellars or beverage dispensers, helping them save energy and initial cost. Those cooling units are compact, lightweight, smallest footprints making them easily integrated into wine cellars and countertop appliances.

Besides, Mini Water Chillers provide strong cooling and the quietest noise level by using miniature brushless compressors. RIGID engineered Mini Water Chillers for small wine cabinets that are placed in common living areas.

Our smaller cooling units have the capacity of 100W to 550W to handle up to 300 cubic feet cellars on the low end, and up to 1,000 cubic feet cellars on the high end. For any larger chiller systems, see our Large Power Chiller.

  • Wine beverage cooling units

Water Cooling Unit


  • Small Water Cooling Units (Water-cool)
  • 12V /24V /48V DC
  • Refrigerant: R134a / R290
  • Adopts BLDC compressor
  • Capacity: 100W~ 550W
  • Temperature Range: ±20℃ (-4~68℉)
  • Features: Small, reliable, efficient, and affordable cost.

Compact Wine Cellar Cooling Unit


  • Closed-loop Recirculating Water Chilled.
  • Efficient High-Power BLDC Mini Compressor.
  • Micro HVAC systems easily integrated into wine devices.
  • DC compressor allows precise temperature control & adjustments.
  • compact wine cellar cooling unit
  • Small HVAC Refrigeration Unit For Wine Cooling

Wine Dispenser Countertop Cooling


RIGID Cooling Unit operates with minimal vibrations and less noise than other comparable units. They are the highest-valued wine cellar refrigeration systems so far. Plus, its adjustable variable speeds compressor drive board can connect to the client’s software to control compressor motor speeds and then adjust the water temperature to maintain a target temperature of wine and beverage.

Besides standard small cooling systems, RIGID also custom-made a wide range of micro cooling units for RV fridges and mobile refrigerators. RIGID compact cooling systems are generally better replacements for existing conventional compressor units.

If you are looking for flexible cooling units for your device, our refrigeration DC Condensing Unit is a nice choice you can’t miss.

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